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4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Chartered Surveyor When Purchasing Property

Becoming a first-time homeowner is an incredible milestone in your life. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be daunting because it’s most likely the most expensive purchase you will ever make, and you want to make sure it’s the right one. It will be your home for the foreseeable future, after all.

If you are venturing into the process of purchasing your own property, you want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into and what kind of property you’re buying. Hiring a chartered surveyor can help you avoid major issues with the property, especially if you aren’t sure what you should be looking for yourself when you visit.

What is a chartered surveyor?

Maybe you have heard that you need one, but don’t know why or what they do. Chartered surveyors are property specialists who scope out potential issues, problems, or defects and then produce a report for you so you can determine if the property is a good investment or not. A good chartered surveyor will have taken a course in either construction, building engineering, surveying, civil engineering, or a combination of those courses, so you can be sure they know what they’re talking about.  If this alone isn’t enough of a reason to hire a chartered surveyor, here are four more reasons that they are worth the investment.

1. You can save a lot of money

First-time homebuyers are especially inexperienced when it comes to scoping out future issues with the property. Having a professional with all the right knowledge, like a Gerald Eve chartered surveyor, can flag major potential issues, like damp, structural problems, or any other problems that could cost a small fortune in repairs in a few months or years.

2. You’ll get a professional opinion

You and your partner’s opinions are great and important when deciding on a property, but it may not be enough when it comes to such a major investment. Once you’ve chosen a property you would like to move forward on, bringing in a professional to survey the building is a smart way to get an expert opinion on whether or not the property you’ve chosen is a good investment, rather than playing with guesswork.

3. They can advise you on the right valuation

A chartered surveyor is well-versed in home valuations and they have had plenty of experience with local authorities, so they know exactly how to advise you on the property’s valuation. They can advise you if it’s too high and you’re not getting a fair shake, or alternatively if the property is a steal and you should snatch it up.

4. You’ll get a home condition report

A home condition report is an essential tool for determining the value of the property, especially considering nine out of 10 new builds in the UK have defects. If there are any faults that could possibly affect the value of the home, they will be sure to tell you about it in their home buying report. Their goal is to accurately depict whether you, as a home buyer, are getting everything you’re paying for, and won’t get stuck with an unforeseen issue.

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