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4 Ways To Make Your Workplace More Sustainable

Many businesses are considering bringing in sustainable practices to their workplaces more than ever before. Having a workplace which has sustainability in mind is great for the environment, but it also comes with other benefits, too. Being more sustainable as a workspace can reduce energy costs, boost staff satisfaction and improve their health. It can also be attractive to potential customers or clients.

Here are 4 simple changes that can make your workplace – whether it be an office, store or warehouse, more environmentally sustainable.

Promote cycling

The topic of cycling to work is nothing new. It has been encouraged for many years, but the uptake is still proving to be quite slow. Obviously, it depends on the distance of travel for the worker. If the commute isn’t too far, cycling is a great alternative when travelling. Not only will you reduce emissions, it’s an excellent form of exercise which promotes wellbeing too. Some employees choose not to cycle as their offices don’t have a safe ground to cycle on as they approach work, or a flat surface to leave their bikes safely.

A workplace should invest in quality paving for its employees all around the building, so they can safely cycle without fearing un-even services. You can find more options from professionals such as SureSet commercial paving, who offer a range of road surfaces and paving options.

Reuse and recycle where possible
Recycling habits can be easily enforced within the workplace if staff are made aware of them. The easier you make it, the quicker people will react to recycling and make it part of their work life. If your workplace doesn’t follow recycling habits, speak with someone who can arrange to set up recycling bins around the office. Dedicated bins for paper, plastics and cardboard is a great place to start. There are also companies that collect used ink cartridges.

It doesn’t hurt to leave a stack of paper plates in the kitchen for lunchtimes, too.

Reducing workplace energy bills
Reducing electricity bills will make most company owners listen up, so if you feel your company is not following sustainable routes to reduce energy bills, ask to speak to them about their options.

Assess the following:

  • Look around the office and identify any areas being cooled down or heated up unnecessarily.
  • Discuss having energy-efficient light bulbs. 
  • Ensure there is a procedure in place for all electronics to be shut down at night. Computers shouldn’t be on ‘sleep mode’.
  • Look at using laptops instead of desktop computers as they use less energy. 

Bring in plants
Add some greenery to your office and let it do a wonder of good! Not only does it brighten up the office and add lush green colour, but it can also increase the mood of those around them.

Another positive to bringing plants into the workplace is that they emit oxygen and reduce air pollution. If there are lots of leafy plants around the building, the air will become a little cleaner and healthier for the staff to breathe.

There are many ways you can bring sustainability into your workplace. It’s about researching what can effectively work for both the staff and the business, and putting plans in place to start a sustainable business life.




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