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5 Benefits of Building an Oak Framed Orangery

You have a few more months to go before summer and this is the right time to make use of the garden space you have or extend your house. Instead of going with the rather bland garden house, you can choose to do something different and build an oak framed orangery.

As the name suggests, an orangery is a building that is used to grow oranges and other citrus fruits. But they can also be highly functional as they can be versatile living spaces that add luxury and sophistication to your home. In the past, orangeries were built using bricks and glazing. But nowadays, the more natural-looking oak is preferred as a building material since it will withstand even the harshest of weather conditions – they are also referred to as ‘green oak extensions

The following are 5 benefits of building an orangery;

1. You Get Lots of Natural Light
The frames of an orangery are often slimmer than other extensions. This gives you the advantage of being able to incorporate glass into the construction. If you choose to do this, the orangery will be a prime source of natural light especially if you choose to go with floor-ceiling glass walls. The presence of natural light gives the building a warm and inviting feeling.

2. Can Increase your Property Value
One of the main reasons people use conservatories and orangeries to extend their properties is to get as much money as possible when they sell the house. These extensions can significantly increase the asking price on your home. For example, experts estimate that an orangery installation could increase the value of your property by as much as 7%. The orangery will also mean that potential buyers will also be far more interested in your home than other homes without similar extensions.

3. An Orangery is Very Versatile
Just because it is called an orangery doesn’t mean that you can only use them to grow oranges. An orangery can have many different functions. You can use it as a home gym or yoga room, a playroom for your children, a home office, swimming pool or even an alternative dining area.

4. You Don’t Need Planning Permission to Build One
Orangeries are also one of the easiest building projects to get off the ground. If you have ever tried to extend your property in the past, you may have encountered problems getting the necessary planning permissions. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised that you’ll find it very easy to build  n orangery since it is considered a “permitted development.” As long as it doesn’t exceed 50% of your property size, is not higher than 4 meters or doesn’t have any balconies or extended platforms, you can begin the project without any special permission.

5. They Are Adaptable

At the same time, the building can be very easily adaptable to fit any need you have. You can choose to add patio doors and French doors to make it even more appealing. Choosing to build the orangery with oak also means that it will be more durable.

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