Is your home a mess? Do you wish you had a picture-perfect place to live? With certain tips and tricks, you can quickly eliminate the clutter around you. A cluttered house doesn’t just look a mess, but it also makes it difficult for to find what you need and when you need it.

Many people are attracted to a simple and uncluttered life. Having fewer belongings around can have great benefits, both financially and physically. For instance, if your house isn’t filled with things that you don’t need/use, there will be less to clean and organise.

Here are 5 easy ways to declutter your home for leading a simple, peaceful and stress-free life:

1. Take it as a challenge
Few people enjoy cleaning their rooms or cupboards on a regular basis. They find it a dreary and dreadful task which only makes them miserable. However, you know that you’re going to have to clean it sooner or later. Therefore, take it as a challenge and enjoy it. Remember, a clean and organised home can also significantly reduce your stress.

When you are decluttering your home, try not to aim for perfection. It’s important to keep in mind that your goal is to create a comfortable living space.

2. Decide on a strategy
Once you’ve finally decided to get started, you need to devise an organisational strategy. You can either start by cleaning each room one by one or tackle the mess in one go. It all depends on the responsibilities you have and how much time you’re able to put into it.

If you’re someone with a lot of responsibilities, you will probably struggle to find free time. The best approach is to start by decluttering your home slowly, taking on one task at a time. For example, one day you could thoroughly clean out all the cupboards and the next you can sort through the pile of post that’s started to topple over.

Regardless of what method you prefer, you should settle for a specific approach from the beginning.

3. Put seasonal items into storage
Self-storage facilities offer short term storage options to people who are looking to temporarily store unused items. Seasonal items such as Christmas decorations, heavy blankets, coats, etc. take up a lot of space. You only use these items for a few months, so why should they hang around the house all year?

Explore what self-storage options are available in your area and make some enquiries. There are thousands of reputable storage centres throughout the UK, one example I’ve found is Storage Giant who offer self-storage in Swansea and the surrounding areas. Companies like this one won’t tie you to a contract meaning you can pay a small weekly fee, so you can take your items out whenever you wish. Utilising self-storage centres will provide you with a space to store clutter that you don’t want to throw away.

4. Boxes: Keep, Donate, Throw Away, Not Sure
A good rule of thumb is to use three boxes when you are decluttering your home. Label these three boxes and start sorting items into them. The boxes should be labelled as follows: Keep, Donate and Throw Away.

When decluttering your house, you are likely to come across many things which you might not be sure about. Hence, you will need a fourth box – the ‘Not Sure’ box. This box will include all the items that you don’t know what to do with. Once you are done cleaning, you can simply go back to the ‘Not Sure’ box and make your final decision.

If you don’t know what items to dispose of, this post may help you out: http://www.howto- simplify.com/2017/02/50-items- throw-away- donate-clutter- free-home.html

5. Implement the three-year rule
The best way of decluttering your home is to throw away items which you have not used in three or more years. Whether it is clothing, kitchen appliances, electronic gadgets etc., chances are that it is of no value to you if it has not been used in the past three years. Hence, save yourself time and stress by putting it in the ‘Donate’ or ‘Throw Away’ box.

However, the key is to not go back on your decision. Do not second-guess yourself after you have decided to throw away or donate something.

It’s important to change your overall habits once you have managed to declutter your home successfully. You will consciously let go of bad habits such as buying unnecessary furniture/items. Another way to avoid clutter is to have a specific area/place for everything which is easily accessible. If you don’t have any space to keep clutter in, consider self-storage.

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