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5 Essential Deliveries You Should Arrange When Starting Construction Work

Starting any sort of construction project takes a lot of time and effort as you need to have everything in place. As a builder, you want to make sure you have everything ready to save time and money that is often wasted due to the unavailability of resources during the process.

From the foundation to the finishing, it is important to have all the supplies ready for each phase of the construction work. This will save you from unnecessary delays. However, it is very important to make sure that you are working with a company that can guarantee all kinds of deliveries on time.

Let’s look at the five essentials you should arrange for when starting your construction work.


Concrete is one of the most excessively used materials and it is good to have it delivered in abundance, making it available when required. However, prior to using concrete, you will need other materials such as wood or metal to build the frame or foundation - these should also be delivered in advance.

Aggregate Supply

Every house and building need some aggregated supply prior to constructing a house or building. Aggregated supply includes sand, gravel, crushed stone and slag. This is highly important for construction as it provides volume, stability, resistance to wear and erosion. Once all the crushed elements are placed together, the fine aggregate is used in making concrete slabs or for other smooth surfaces where required. It is advisable to have all the aggregated supply delivered in advance if you are looking to get your construction project completed on time. Thankfully, there are companies available for you to use such as http://link2-london.co.uk/ who are a London based company who offer an
extremely efficient service for aggregate delivery.


Working with metal naturally, means that your structure will need to have metal reinforcements added for stability. The metal fixes into the concrete as it dries, providing extra strength to your foundation. At times, there might be a need for extra metal to ensure that the structure has the strength and support it needs. For that reason, it is important to have all the metal delivered to the site.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks have long taken over bricks used for construction. They are bigger and stronger than regular bricks, which makes them easier to handle and gives your structure a stronger support. These types of blocks are also known as freeze blocks and are useful when building foundation walls. Having extra concrete blocks does not hurt as they are frost resistant, meaning that the blocks won’t get
destroyed during the cold months of winter.


Metal and concrete are not the only material buildings are made of these days. Regardless of the type of building you are constructing, timber is an essential material for most projects. However, it is not easy to store timber so it is best to get it delivered whenever you need it. You will need this delivery to be made before starting the project as timber is also used in creating frames to support concrete.

Many factors should be taken into consideration before starting construction work. One of them is having all the required materials set in place so you can start your project on time. The last thing you would want is a lack of materials to delay your project.

Contractors usually make sure all their materials and labour are in place because no house owner wants to pay extra for lack of materials and labour.


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