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5 Unfurnished Loft Storage Ideas

Do you have a loft that is currently little-used - perhaps because you have only recently moved into the house and haven't yet found a clear purpose for that particular part of your new residence?

There are plenty of great ideas for how that space could be overhauled - and, in the process, you could certainly make it a great place in which to store items that could otherwise unhelpfully clutter your home. Here are some quirky ideas that could assist you in getting the most out of that space.

You might have the idea of converting that loft into what is effectively another multifunctional room of the house but also remain eager not to use up areas which could be more helpfully set aside for storage. Those areas might include just beneath your loft's eaves.

Well, custom-built cupboards can be slotted quite nicely into those areas, says Bidvine. This will leave the storage spaces inconspicuous and can free up floor space for you to use for other things.

Floating Shelves
If your loft also has an empty wall, floating shelves could make cute additions to it. They can also be installed quite easily - as, after purchasing them from a DIY store, you should find that they include everything necessary for the installation. Therefore, brackets and screws are typically included.

Floating shelves also tend to be varied in appearance. Whether your loft's design is largely wooden or metallic, you can expect to come across a floating shelf that visibly suits it.

Corner Units
Using these is a great means of helping yourself put together a space-effective layout in your loft. Befitting their name, corner units can indeed be slid straight into corners.

While it is ultimately up to you which design is chosen for the corner units, you can certainly add a unique touch to your space if you select corner units that have glass doors. This would let you display any unique books or memorabilia without them gathering dust.

A Rod On Which To Hang Clothes
Installing shelves might appear to be a standard way of increasing storage space in a room; however, it can be tricky to do this in a loft if its ceiling or roof line is slanted.

In this situation, it would be much easier to attach a rod to the slanted surface. From that rod, you could then hang various items of clothing which could otherwise take up an inconveniently large amount of space; consider, for example, puffy winter jackets, as Good Housekeeping highlights.

Place A Dresser In An Unused Fireplace

If a fireplace has been left in the loft by your home's previous occupants, you could... well, obviously, use it as a fireplace. However, if you don't want to use it in that way, you could instead have it store a dresser which might have previously formed an inconvenient obstruction.

With the fireplace out of use, you could help keep the loft warm by having it insulated by roofers in Hartlepool or elsewhere.


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