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5 Weekend Home Improvement Projects that Increase Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Are you looking for some home improvement ideas because you’re planning to sell your property in the near future? Or would you like to improve your home’s kerb appeal for your own enjoyment? The front of your house plays an important role when it comes to first impressions. Therefore, it’s only natural to want your home to look it’s best.

Unfortunately, many home improvement projects require a considerable investment of your time and not everyone has weeks to spare. Thankfully, there are several home improvement projects you can undertake yourself, and they only take the weekend. If you’d like visitors to have a good impression of your home, here are five projects you can undertake this weekend.

1. Bring New Life to Your Ageing Fence
Does your front fence look tired and worn? A fresh coat of white paint is all that’s needed to bring it back to life. Depending on the size of your fence, it could take just a couple of hours, leaving you time to tackle another weekend home improvement project. For those of you who haven’t got a fence, consider how you can improve the look of your front wall, hedge or garden.

2. Make Your Porch More Welcoming
Your front porch should be an inviting feature, welcoming guests into your home. There are several ways you can make it look more interesting; for example, take a look at the GRP canopies from AFM. Rather than leaving your visitors exposed to the elements, install a canopy to provide shelter. If there’s space, you could add a seating area for them to relax while they wait.

3. Go Green
One of the most natural and most effective ways to spruce up the front of your home is to add some flowers and greenery. You might not have the space or the time for a garden, but a few carefully positioned and planted window boxes and planters can have the same effect. Hanging baskets can also be used if the space is really limited.

4. Clean Your Gutters
You probably don’t look up at the gutters very often, but you can bet those passing by will notice if it’s looking drab and dirty. Get up on a ladder and give the outside a clean, and while you’re there, clean the inside as well. If you’ve got uPVC guttering, a little bit of elbow grease will soon have them looking almost as good as new.

5. Transform Your Home with a Fresh Lick of Paint
A little bit of paint can make quite a significant impact, whether you decide to paint your front door, the surround or the whole of the exterior of your home. There are very few home improvement projects that can transform a house so dramatically and inexpensively. Buying the best paint you can afford will be a sound investment as it will go on smoother and last much longer.

Making improvements to the front of your home will make it feel more inviting for you and any guests. You could choose big-budget improvements or several smaller additions, but whatever you decide to do, making your home more appealing is always worth the time.

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