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6 Big Reasons to Invest in Solid Wood Flooring

There is no point building a beautiful property that offers an attractive exterior and plenty of space if you are going to fill various rooms with cheap, unattractive flooring, which can detract from a room’s beauty.

The flooring option you choose can determine a homeowner’s happiness within a property, with the right flooring able to create a comfortable and visually appealing home. To create an interior that will be the envy of a neighbourhood, here are six big reasons to invest in solid wood flooring.

1. A Luxurious Appeal
Solid wood flooring can enhance the overall appearance of a property, as the planks can help to elongate a space to make a room appear much bigger than it is. The quality and design of the wood also can create a sophisticated, elegant interior that will complement
both modern and traditional décor. It’s a simple yet effective way to make a great first impression.

2. A Low Maintenance Option
Maintaining a clean, stylish and comfortable home can often feel difficult for busy homeowners. Solid wood flooring will, however, be an attractive feature, as it’s easy to clean.

For instance, you can sweep, vacuum or steam-clean the floors with ease to eradicate any dirt or debris, and it’s also more resistant to stains than carpet, as you can easily wipe away any spills across the home. It’s an ideal solution for families, busy professionals and pet owners.

3. Add Value onto the Property
Wood flooring can potentially add value to the price of a property, as buyers will often pay more for a home that features solid wood over a carpet. Most property hunters will not want to purchase a second-hand carpet, which could be filled with dirt, stains and smells. As solid wood floors are easier to clean and maintain, it can be a more attractive option for buyers, which could help to sell a home at a faster rate and at a higher price.

4. Superb Strength and Durability
Superb durability is one of the biggest benefits of solid wood flooring, as it can withstand various forms of wear and tear without losing its attractive appearance.

Plus, even if the flooring does experience dents and scratches, it can be easily sanded down to ensure it looks as good as new. If a homeowner cares for wood flooring throughout the years, they can enjoy a high-quality surface for many decades, so it is a worthwhile

5. Improved Air Quality
Unlike with carpet, solid wood floors do not provide a haven for animal dander, dust, pollen or other common allergens, which can trigger an allergic reaction. As it does not trap any dirt or particles, it can improve air quality throughout a property, which can help homeowners to maintain a clean, airy and healthy space for their family.

6. Greater Acoustics
Have you ever noticed that almost every dance or music studio features solid wood flooring? That’s because it can improve the acoustics within a room, as it can decrease hollow noises and vibrations. As a result, it can help to create the illusion of a larger space and can maximize sound across the home.

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