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8 Ways to Improve Your Garden on a Budget

It’s not just our homes we spend valuable time and money improving. Us Brits love spending an absolute fortune on our gardens year after year.

From landscaping, garden furniture and a whole host of plants, the cost of enhancing a garden doesn’t always come cheap.

If your budget is a little thin this year, there’s no need to stress as we’ve got eight fantastic ideas for improving your garden on a budget.

1) Upcycling and recycling drawers

This popular trend is a little more out there than some of the other cheap garden ideas on our list, but it’s perfect for a quirky garden and costs next to nothing to create.

If you happen to have any old furniture that is about to be thrown out or know someone that does, consider turning old drawers into a practical work of art for your garden.

Or, if you’re feeling bold, why not paint them the drawers in contrasting colours, or add them to a ladder frame for a fun look.

Add your favourite plants and you’ve got yourself the perfect planter! This cheap garden idea would also be perfect for a small garden or balcony!

2) Maximise space with mirrors

Small gardens don’t have to feel cramped or uninviting, a cheap way to create the illusion of space is by adding garden mirrors.

Start with smaller mirrors if you aren’t sure about the idea. Revamping a wall or fence with some round mirrors will bounce light around the garden and make the space feel interesting.

Charity shops are the best place to source cheap mirrors which look fantastic in a garden. Remember they don’t have to be perfect, a distressed look works just as well in a modern setting.

 3) Make your own accents

Give your garden a sprinkling of colour by adding a lick of paint to a tired-looking bench. Keep the feeling of warmth by choosing bright and vibrant paints.

This will instantly improve the space around you. You can apply the same colour to your garden fence for an uber-chic feel on a budget. 

4) Grow your own vegetables

A great way of saving money in your garden is by growing your own food. Don’t worry if you are a novice to growing your own veg.

There’s plenty of useful resources on the internet which covers everything you need to know about growing veg at home.

As you become more experienced with growing your own crops, you will save a lot of money down the line!

5) Give your garden shed a revamp

A garden shed isn’t always the most attractive feature of your garden but it can be transformed into all sorts of purposes with just a fresh covering of paint and a little imagination.

If aren’t sure about how to insulate, treat or build your new shed, the advanced shed guide is the perfect place to find out everything you need to know.

6) Light up the garden with solar

Garden parties aren’t complete without some form of lighting. A great way to light up your garden on a budget is by using solar lights.

Cheaply available, they are cost-effective but look impressive! Hang string light in trees for a Mediterranean feel or accentuate your borders with smaller solar lights.

7) DIY vertical herb planter

This ingenious, cheap garden idea will save you loads of cash and provide you with a fruitful amount of herbs. You’ll never need to buy fresh herbs from the supermarket

A shoe separator which you’d usually find hanging in your wardrobe actually makes a great herb container. Fill the holes with compost and choose your favourite herbs!

8) Encourage wildlife with a bird feeder

This garden idea is perfect for encouraging neighbourhood birds and wildlife into your garden.

You can pick up cheap bird feeders from plenty of garden stores or if you are feeling creative you could have a go at making your own!?


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