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A Guide to Bespoke Kitchens

The time has come for you to refit and redesign your kitchen. Knowing which provider to opt for can be a difficult business, with so many template and “ready-made” options available on the market. Therefore, going bespoke could be the solution you’re looking for.

This guide will run through the advantages of bespoke kitchen designs and fittings, as well as exploring what to look for when dreaming up your ideal food preparation and consumption space.

Why choose bespoke?

Going bespoke ensures you will be getting quality fittings and a safe and aesthetically pleasing kitchen space for your home. It is, of course, useful to be aware of how to look after and maintain kitchen appliances, but starting off with a good footing by having quality products – fitted professionally – is a key benefit of bespoke designs.

By choosing a bespoke service you are far more likely to get the dream kitchen that you desire. In the United Kingdom, minimalist designs with a kitchen island and pull-out cabinets are among the top 30 most-wanted aspects of a kitchen, so if these are your requirements too, designing your own kitchen with the help of a professional will guarantee you get them.

Assessing your kitchen needs

Kitchens hold different values and importance to different people. In 2017, a survey found that one in eight Brits avoid cooking food from scratch, while 4% of the population never do so at all. For these people, the key components of their bespoke kitchen will be far different from those who cook frequently and for large groups of people.

It is therefore essential that one of the first steps you take when going bespoke is to assess your kitchen’s needs. If you are someone who does not cook, or who has a limited repertoire of recipes, emphasis should be placed on entertainment spaces rather than food preparation areas.

Personalising your space

Once your needs have been determined, work with kitchen designers to make the kitchen personal to you. The experts at Dayrooms Kitchens can discuss with you, design and develop a kitchen that reflects your personality and that will become the hub of everything in your home. Even the best catalogue kitchens can feel detached from their owners, as they have not poured their personality and soul into them.

Having a bespoke kitchen that you feel connected to is more important than ever, with working from home becoming the norm in 2020. With cooking and baking popular with those stuck indoors, it is essential that the space you are doing it in is comforting and personal.

Supplied or fitted?

Bespoke kitchen suppliers will often offer the options of simply having your units and appliances supplied to the home or having them fitted by their professionals. This is the final choice to make in your bespoke kitchen journey.

The first option will cost less, naturally. However, opting for the fully fitted service will take the strain away from you and allow the kitchen professionals to complete the project for you to the highest of standards.

Completing the circle by using the same suppliers from the design to the finished product is often a wise move.

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