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A Guide to Converting a Garage

A garage conversion is a great way to create extra space in your home. A garage can be converted into a variety of different spaces including a dining room, bedroom or even a home cinema room. Here’s the info you need in order to convert your garage.

Most garages tend to be longer and thinner than the average room and the shape won’t necessarily be ideal for what you’re planning to do with the space, so think about making a small storage room, cloakroom or toilet at one end, to give a better overall shape to the room and give you a little extra space as well.

Planning Permission

As long as you’re not planning to make structural changes to an attached garage and you don’t live in a listed building, you won’t need to seek planning permission. However, a stand alone garage may need ‘change of use’ planning permission in order for them to be considered a habitable room. In any case, always best to check with your local planning authority to be safe. If you do need ‘change of use’ planning permission, you’ll need to comply with building regulations which include, insulation, ventilation, fire exits, fireproofing, structural soundness and damp proofing.

Carrying out the conversion

As with any big job, you should always hire a licensed professional to help plan and carry out the work for you. One thing you’ll need to do is fill in the space where the garage door is, which is a great place for a window. Filling in the door could mean having to dig deeper foundations to support the replacement wall. Any new walls or foundations need to be damp proof and the foundations also need to be frost resistant. If your garage’s floor is lower than the rest of your house, you can install a suspended timber floor in order to level it out.

In the case of the garage roof, chances are that it’s not suitable for habitation so you’ll need to sort that out. The roof should provide ventilation for the room and will have to be insulated in order to retain heat. The window will also provide ventilation, and if you’re planning on turning the garage into a kitchen or bathroom, an extractor fan will need to be installed.

When tackling electricity, always hire a qualified registered electrician to do the work for you, it;s not a DIY job! You’ll need to plan out little things like the location of the power outlets in relation to what you want to do with the space.

Once all of that’s finished, you’re ready to start kitting out the room to be anything you want.

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