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A Guide to Improve Your Homes Value

If your goal is to work your way up the property ladder, you’ll need to focus on home improvement projects that will add considerable value to the price of your property. As a result, you’ll receive a high return on your investment when the time comes to sell up and move on to your next home.

Even if you don’t plan to put your property on the market in the near future, it’s wise to familiarise yourself with the projects that make economic sense. Read this helpful guide to improving your home’s value.

Structural Issues
Before you tackle any cosmetic problems, you must first repair any significant structural issues in your property, including:

Repair any Damage
Unfortunately, repairing structural defects can be expensive, but they will add or detract from your property’s value. Prime examples of structural damage include rising damp, cracks in the walls, a leaking roof, broken or missing tiles, or a collapsed floor. While you can repair some issues yourself, it’s always wise to enlist the help of professionals.

Review the Central Heating
Updating or installing a central heating system will often add more value to a property than it will cost to fix. Not only might you need to replace or repair a boiler, but you may need to seal any drafts or add insulation into the loft, which can create a warmer property.

Interior Changes
Ultimately, whoever views your home is also trying to visualise themselves living in the property. For this reason, you need to present your house in the best possible light. You can do this by:

Improving Your Property’s Aesthetic Appeal
Decluttering, a fresh coat of paint and careful styling could all potentially add between 5-10% onto your property’s value. While it is often difficult to place a figure on aesthetic appeal, there is usually a premium added onto properties that have been beautifully decorated. Simple changes could make a big difference. For example, paint the interior in a neutral colour scheme, reopen a fireplace, and upgrade your lightbulbs. You also should remove unattractive or poorly laid floors and replace them with beautiful engineered flooring, which you can find for an affordable price at Kensyard.co.uk.

Updating Your Kitchen
The kitchen will serve as the hub of the home, so you can trust buyers are looking for an attractive space they can imagine cooking, cleaning and entertaining in. If your kitchen is looking a little worn and tired, you might need to undertake a full remodel; however, you might just need to update the cabinets or appliances to create a more stylish, functional interior design.

Transforming Your Bathroom

Convince buyers to make you an offer higher than your purchase price by giving your bathroom the wow factor. To do so, decorate your bathroom in a neutral shade. It should also have a shower, and you may need to replace any sanitaryware that is stained, chipped or outdated.

Adding a Conservatory
A conservatory will not only increase floor space within your home, but it can also increase a property’s value because the return will often be greater than the initial cost. However, it must be well-designed, well-built and well-integrated into your home, as a low-quality conservatory will only detract from its value. However, while you will not need to secure planning permission, a conservatory must comply with the Building Regulations.


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