A Lockable Storage Box Offers The Security You Need Without The Bulk Back to Blog

A Lockable Storage Box Offers The Security You Need Without The Bulk

There are many different types of metal safes designed to provide heavy-duty protection from thieves. These of course do their job extremely well, however they are not always what most homeowners are looking for. For keeping your home clutter-free while protecting your belongings and keeping them out of the wrong hands, a lockable storage box makes an ideal alternative.

Why Lock Them Up Anyway?

Most people don’t require extreme levels of protection for their possessions but rather enough to deter kids, teens, and guests who have a tendency to take what isn’t theirs or let their curiosity get the better of them. This can be very important for two reasons. The first is to protect what we are keeping inside from damage or theft and the second is to protect those we care about from potential injury from what is being stored away.

Metal May Give You The Level Of Security You Require

A lockable metal storage box is typically small in size and made to keep people out. Steel is the strongest choice and if it has double walls the box can also act to protect against fire. Since they aren’t big and heavy like a safe you can usually hide them easily. This can really help if there is a break-in since a thief can’t steal what they can’t find. You can also carry one with you should there be an emergency and you need to get out of the house in a hurry, or simply for added protection when transporting them from one place to another.

Metal options will almost always have a lock of some type already built into them which can range from boxes that use a key or combination all the way to those that use your fingerprint. They are typically used to keep extra cash and important documents like passports and birth certificates. But there are models made for specific items as well. A lockable storage box for medication is a perfect example and one that is a necessity for all parents or anyone who lives in a home with a person who has problems with addiction to medication. While metal boxes are geared more for security they aren’t designed to be used outdoors or in wet areas.

Plastic Keeps Out The Weather And Makes Organization A Snap

Plastic boxes on the other hand, are made to be resistant to water and weather which can be a lifesaver when looking to keep items dry. Another difference from metal is that they are available in a much wider range of sizes. These two advantages make them perfect for storing a large volume whether indoors or out. The typical lockable plastic storage box is also usually designed so that it can be stacked on top of other boxes which allows you to keep your closet, basement, storage shed, or wherever you decide to keep them neat and organized as well.

Most plastic boxes do not have built in locks but instead require you to purchase a padlock on your own. Some use multiple locks strategically placed at different points on the box for maximum security. Plastic options really are great for general storage but also for items like tools, camping gear, and hunting equipment that not everyone should have access to. One of their biggest benefits is that the majority are made to be easy to travel with as well so you can use them at home or on a job site, at the airport, or in the back of your car or truck all while guaranteeing your things stay safe from the weather and theft.

Whether you are a responsible parent looking to keep medicine in a safe manner, keep your documents out of harm’s way, or just need large capacity general storage for your home there are lockable storage boxes that are designed to help you. Both metal and plastic offer some pretty impressive benefits and options, which you choose just depends on how you will be using it and what you want to keep inside.

Paul C is a professional home improvement writer who contributes regularly to sites like: http://www.storagehomeguide.com/ . For his full guide to locking boxes including a huge wealth oftips and photos be sure to click here!

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