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Add A Touch Of Summer To Your Home

One of the best parts of the summer season is the sudden lift in the atmosphere, whether that’s through sunnier days, positive feelings or even the warmer weather in general, there is no denying that summer makes everybody happier! Enjoying the lighter evenings and sunnier days is so much fun, but often you find yourself having to stay indoors and that can often be frustrating. Adding a touch of summer to your home will enable you to enjoy the season even on the gloomier days, as well as create a positive, happy atmosphere all round! 

Light is one of the main parts of summer that help lift the mood. When things are brighter and fresh you instantly feel happier and positive. Our homes can often become dull and drawn through those wintery months, with the dull mornings and very dark evenings. One way to instantly inject a fresh feel to the room is allowing as much natural light to travel through as possible. Whether your natural light comes from windows or your door, you will see a sudden change in the room when you allow the natural light to illuminate the room! Having those sunny rays shining through really add a summery feel and create a positive atmosphere, as well as warming up the room too! This kind of lighting can often be a little inconvenient especially when the sun begins to set, and there are ways in which you can control your natural light, from stylish curtains to a simple set of blinds, you can choose exactly how much light you allow to shine through your room! Artificial lighting is something you can introduce to your home to illuminate specific areas in each room. You may find that adding brighter lighting to your kitchen and hallways works really well, similarly, adding softer yellow-toned lighting to your living room and bedroom will enable you to create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere. How you control your lighting is down to how you want each room to feel, and playing around with tones will really help you create the ideal feel. 

Adding colour is another excellent way of incorporating summery elements into your home. It’s not always appropriate or cost effective to re-decorate, however if you are wanting to do so this does add a really fresh touch to the room. Colour can be introduced into your home in a varied amount of ways. Your personal style is key when adding any features to your home, as you want your personality and character to show in every room. Artwork is the first step to adding a burst of life to your room, for example, a large canvas made up of exciting colours will instantly brighten up the room, whilst also showing your interests and style. Similarly, you could add photographs in lovely frames, family photographs are great for emphasising the inviting, welcoming atmosphere and showing off the fun times you’ve had over the years! Family photographs add a really personal, homely touch! You could also add coloured features such as cushions, throws, kitchen utensils and so on, just so introduce a little something extra without going over the top. Remember, it is important to stick to your overall themes and styles, you don’t want to create a room that feels out of place. 

Some fun ways in which summer can shine through your home are simple, yet effective additions such as fresh bunches of flowers. Nothing says welcome to my fresh, vibrant home like a beautiful arrangement of fresh colourful flowers, and the scent will travel throughout the room to add to the overall atmosphere and feel. Candles are another brilliant way to capture that summery scent, selecting a fresh, fruity scent or even a floral scent will create the perfect aroma and welcome guests to your beautiful home! 

Written by Aisha Tindale

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