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Asbestos Essentials

Asbestos Essentials – 3 Reasons you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to Asbestos Removal.

If you’re thinking about conducting asbestos disposal yourself, stop. There are a few Asbestos Essentials you need to know. Sure, you may be thinking “Why do I need to pay someone else to do this?” while unrolling a black bin-liner, but you might want to read this first.

First things first, Asbestos is extremely dangerous (take a look here to find out more). It can be fatal to anyone who inhales certain fibres. Do you really want to run the risk of mesothelioma or lung cancer over paying a professional?

Second, it isn’t as simple as throwing material into a bag and putting it in the bin. When disposing of Asbestos, it has to be double wrapped in special removal bags and disposed of correctly. This means it has to be labelled with an asbestos sticker and placed in a covered, locked skip. Also, any clothing or personal protective equipment (PPE) that has come into contact with asbestos has to be disposed of in the same way.

Finally, a qualified, vetted professional will know all the ins-and-outs of asbestos removal and disposal. They’ll know the safest methods to make sure it doesn’t spread around your home, as well as how to protect your house before beginning the process of disposal. Best left to those who know what they’re doing, eh?

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