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Barn Conversion Interiors

Barn Conversion Interiors – A few considerations.

Barn conversions can be a complicated process. When considering barn conversion interiors, one important aspect is the layout of the walls. The goal, of course, is to make the best use of the limited space as well as the natural light while retaining the openness afforded by the original structure. It’s important to consider the position of any interior load-bearing walls and posts. However, the use of steel beams may be used to overcome these obstacles some of the time. In the case of any protected buildings, little or no alteration to the original structure is allowed.

Making use of the open space.

As barns are usually long and narrow, having an open hallway in the center  makes the best use of the space, providing access to the whole barn as well as exposing the natural space. It is the most common area to have access to the 1st floor, either as a single staircase, split staircase or two separate staircases, while having any master bedroom on one side of the barn and the other bedroom(s) on the other.

A good way to plan barn conversion interiors is to use the ‘upside-down’ method. Use the top floor and vaulted roof to maximise space for public areas, like kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms. The ground floor, which has more flexibility for structural layout changes, can be used for bathrooms or bedrooms.

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