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Beautiful Summer-Blooming Flowers To Plant In Your Backyard

 There are lots of great things about summertime. One of them is ice cold lemonade. The other is an awesome array and wide choice of summer blooms to choose from as garden flowers. Here you will see highlighted 6 of the most beautiful of all summer blooming flowers to plant in your backyard. They make grass cutting actually enjoyable since knowing the results you will want to start working on your lawn as soon as possible. 

These summer blooms will make for a great gardening view on all fronts. What are these 6 beautiful summer blooms? Read on to learn more. Summer garden care and planting was never easier with these choice perennials in them. 

What are 6 beautiful summer-blooming flowers to plant in your backyard? These summer perennials are: 

1. Blanket Flower - Blanket Flower is a perennial that is perfect for the summertime. Why is that? It is a perennial that is drought and heat- tolerant. It is also a very colorful wildflower that loves the sun and is long-lasting in description. Lawn care is too simple with this flower.


2.Veronica - Veronica is 7-inch spikes of pure summer beauty and are plants that can bloom atop 12 to 24-inch plants that come in amazing shades of blue or red. They bloom from early summer through the fall season. 


3. Tall Garden Phlox - Tall Garden Phlox can grow to three or four feet tall in height as plants. It is a summer perennial that also does bear large trusses of very fragrant perennial flowers that are beautiful to see and smell. 

4. Russian Sage - Russian Sage is a perennial that is suited for much larger gardens in size. They are an ideal choice for gardeners who appreciate unique summer plants. This perennial creates wonderful blue flowers in late summer. 

5. Perennial Sage - Perennial Sage is a relative of the herb variety of this plant. It is a wonderful perennial in every sense of the word and has 18-inch spikes of vibrant colors of blue, purple, or white flowers. 

6. Summer Power Perennials - Summer Power Perennials are indeed every inch summer power and summer beauty for the perfect summer garden. These perennials don't need lots of garden maintenance. They can almost be planted and forgotten. They grow into a very sizzling and beautiful group of flowering plants.

Take your pick and start planting. Get gardening professionals to help you if you are not sure how to approach certain parts of the gardening. But once you start, you will be drawn to the beauty of the process, as well as the brilliant results that await you at the finish line.


Written by Ella Andrews.

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