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Boosting Your Workplaces Air Quality: A Guide

Air pollution doesn’t just occur outside. This kind of problem can creep indoors, too, and if it’s not treated, it can cause some serious damage to those that are subjected to it. Dust, radon, formaldehyde, radon, and even simple fragrances — they can all contribute to this problem, and
they all must be fought.

It is especially important that you tackle the plight of poor indoor air quality in your office. Not doing so could not only impact your workforce’s productivity, but it could also do serious damage to their overall health and wellbeing. Check out the guide below to find out how you can boost your workspace’s air quality.

Extract oil mist
The first thing that you must do is install an oil mist collector. By having this kind of system set in place, all of the mist that is emitted by your machines, compressors, and turbines, will be extracted out of your office air. This is a vitally important step for you to take as you seek to boost your workspace’s air quality, as oil mist can be hazardous in a number of different ways. Aside from the various health dangers that it poses to you and your workforce (dermatitis, respiratory system rhinitis, bronchitis, lipoid pneumonia, lung fibrosis, just to name a few), when dissipated into the atmosphere it can also cause serious damage to the environment. What’s more, it can end up coating your machinery, which then increases the likelihood of equipment failures and breakdowns taking place.

Before you set about any other task in your bid to boost your office’s air quality, make sure you extract all of the oil mist from it.

Keep the floors clean
Your floors have a direct impact on your air quality. Allergens can accumulate and grow on the ground that you walk on for years (decades, even) without you even realising that anything is taking place. Eventually, all of these nasty little toxins are going to find their way into your airflow. When they do, they’re going to cause untold amounts of damage to your air and, unfortunately, those that breath it in.

Keeping your floors clean, then, is vital. If you want to erase all doubt as to whether or not your ground is free of allergens and other toxins, you must clean it with a HEPA vacuum. This kind of device will drastically reduce the concentration of lead in your floor, which will then keep a large charge chunk of toxins at bay.

Dehumidify the area
Dust thieves on moisture, and it is for this reason why you need to dehumidify your workspace as soon as you can. To do that, you should:

- Crack open a window every now and again

Fix plumbing that is leaking

- Invest in a dehumidifier, but be sure to empty its drip pans (while you’re at it, empty your AC drip pans as well) 

Good air quality is of the utmost importance, so be sure to take the above advice and boost yours. Once you do, both you and your employees will be able to enjoy a far healthier working environment.

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