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Choosing the Right Garage Doors

Here are some tips on making sure you choose the right doors for your garage.


The climate you live in is a more important factor than you may think. If you live near the ocean, salt and moisture in the air could leave certain materials open to corrosion, while living in a snow and wind battered locale means you may need to look at something more durable. It’s often a trade off between style and substance, but in our opinion, the most gorgeous garage door on the market is useless if it falls apart in 6 months. For show, wood is the obvious choice. For durability, metal or fibreglass are great options.


Most people get giddy at the prospect of a rustic wooden garage door. Then they see the price, particularly if the door is to be custom built by a specialist. Metal is less versatile, but far more robust and affordable. Ultimately, your garage door options will depend almost entirely on how much you’re willing to spend, but it’s worth bearing in mind – they could add value to your home down the line.


Imagine your house has an old-world look to the outside. Brick, pillars, sash windows and lovely wooden shutters. Then you slap some shiny metal garage doors on it. Something doesn’t quite add up there does it?  When thinking about garage doors, you should always try to match it with the aesthetics of your house as a whole, especially if it’s attached. This doesn’t limit you as much as you’d think in some cases, particularly with ultra-modern designs.


There are too many stories in the news about faulty garage doors falling on people. Make sure yours doesn’t join them by getting the right expert advice on what type of door your garage needs. This will depend on space and height, and could be as simple as hinged or as complex as vertical rollers. In any case, make sure they are completely safe and reliable when opening and closing.


How do you use your garage? Do you often park your vehicle in it? Or just use it for storage? This will impact what sort of doors you need. If you come in and out a lot, an automated roller system will serve you better than having to manually open and close them all the time. If you don’t have to get a car through it, and just use it as a home gym or a place to store cardboard boxes, something more affordable won’t do you any harm.

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