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Container Gardening Ideas

Small space living requires creativity to grow a bounty of flowers and vegetables. Without a large area to put your veggies and flowers, it seems as if you won’t be able to produce what you want! That would be true if it wasn’t for the fantastic idea of container gardening. It is the perfect solution for those who don’t have a yard or those who just want to grow a few things.

1.    Chrysanthemums

You might identify these plants as mums. You can purchase these flowers in a variety of colours, and they are a fantastic choice for container gardening. If you buy the hard chrysanthemum flowers, they can handle cold weather and can be overwintered. Mums typically are identified as a fall flower because they are late bloomers, making them one of the last bloomers before winter.

2.    Branch into the World of Herbs

If you are afraid to batch into the world of herbs, basil is one of the easiest herbs. It grows large leaves in either green or purple. They can be smooth or ruffled, creating an interesting eye catcher. The Genovese Basil leaves are green and produce a sweet clove flavour. It is a rather large plant, reaching 2 feet tall and 15 inches wide!

There are plenty of herbs that do better in a small space. One of those options is lemon thyme with its strong lemon scent. When confined to a container, they grow in an upright mount with glossy green leaves. Into the summer, lemon thyme produces lilac flowers, pulling double duty for your patio! Remember to keep this herb in full sun, and it needs well-drained soil.

Another wonderful herb that flowers are chamomile. Chamomile grows little, white petal flowers. Later, you can dry these flowers can create your own delicious, herbal tea which is beneficial for sleep. Chamomile isn’t a tall plant, but it can spread out to be 2 feet wide. Typically, the plant only reaches 9 inches tall. The flowers resemble little daisies; it makes a great container for your table outside as well.

3.    Hide the Garden Hose

When you only have a small space, you have to take advantage of every inch. Your garden hose takes up a lot of space unless you know how to choose your garden hose reel. Some gardeners prefer the boxes with coils inside. You can unravel and wind the hose back up with a turn of a wheel. There are lots of ways to incorporate your hose into container gardening, including use the cover as a prop for containers.

4.    Use Height for Attraction

You don’t have to just line the floor or perimeter of your patio with containers. Placing your pots eye level or above provides a different look to your outdoor space. For example, a wooden pallet is a perfect way to anchor a variety of small, herb pots without losing valuable space. You can also purchase tiered baskets for your containers.

5.    Don’t Forget the Veggies


Surprisingly, many vegetables love containers. If you supply plants with the proper nutrients, they will succeed in pots. Here are some of my favourite choices. 

·         Carrots love the soft dirt inside of containers. Buy a large pot and plant in a spiral, ½ to an inch apart.

·         Tomatoes do very well if you put the right sized pot. For example, Beefsteak tomatoes need a 25-gallon pot, but Romas may only need an 18-gallon pot.

·         Lettuce will supply you with a continuous supply if grown correctly in pots.

·         Peppers do well in containers, especially if you have a scorching variety that you want to keep from contaminating the other types.

There are so many things you can do with containers. By using some easy container gardening ideas, you can harvest a great bounty of veggies and herbs. Don’t worry if you don’t have a large area to garden. All you need is a patio and some colourful containers to get started.


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