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Do not do hardcore selling

Hardcore selling is a little bit like squeezing juice from an orange: You know there's juice in there...and you know you are going to get it out...And although you may end up with a glass full of juice, you’re also left with an orange that you have squeezed to death...If you want to be a professional trades person, this is NOT what you do….and here’s why...

Squeezing the life out of someone in order to obtain the juice is not attraction. And your position as an construction expert will suffer if you follow this approach. So if you find yourself getting one objection after another every time you have a conversation with a customer...you’ve already lost. Because you're already selling, and that means the barriers have gone up for your customer.

So if you don't try and sell, what do you do?

We use education. Sales happen at the other end of this process. However... the journey and strategy behind the journey are quite different. Education is about planting seeds and then enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Why is this a better path for any builder who wants to be seen as an industry expert?

First, it’s because few other builders actually do this. They're too focused on getting the sale. Would you buy from someone who was only interested in the sale? Probably not, which is why you stand out from the crowd when you commit to an education strategy. Second, this is how you sign a contract and still have a happy customer after the project has been handed over. That means your customer still views you as the expert in your field after completion...which is why they recommend you to their friends & family which is as close to free money as you will get in the construction industry! Third, the law of attraction is something Einstein spent a lot of time researching and documenting. There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye so dismiss it at your peril. The funny part about attraction is that it's all about control. Although it's not about controlling the customer, it's about controlling yourself! It forces you to be patient. It forces you to plan. And it forces you to become efficient because either do this properly... or you slip back into the old way of doing things....

That's the price you pay to in order to get to the top..."Professional" isn't just a neat sounding word we use. We actually mean it. It's a way of life for our builders. They don’t spend their day chasing potential customer…They attract their ideal customers to them… And do you know what the easiest part is? It’s something almost every single sole trader I speak to has never done...no matter how long they have been in business they still do not do this!

It’s step 1 for attracting ideal clients… Identify your customer! Who are they? Where do they live, how old are they, where do they work, what are their interests, do they have a family… It’s so simple...and yet..not only will it save you thousands of pounds in wasted advertising it will also draw more of your ideal customers towards you…

So start now, Look at your customers from the past 2 years. Who were the best ones? What did they have in common? Age, income, location, type of project…Whatever it is, write it down and start building up the profile of your business and YOUR ideal customer.

Once complete, pin it up on your office wall…Because every time you create an advert or write an email...you are writing to that person directly…

Your Imagination is a weapon of mass construction. Use It!!!!

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