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Everything You Need to Know About Sprucing Up a Heritage Home

Owning a heritage or period home is a great honour. There is so much character and history in these houses that they will make for the perfect family home for anyone. The only issue, of course, is their age. Old homes require a lot of love and care, and in some cases might even need professional renovations in case dangerous materials like lead or asbestos were used in their construction.

Add on top of the fact that many homes in the UK are old, with over 370,000 being listed, and the chances your home will have a few stories to tell is pretty likely. Bring forward those stories and to make your home’s history shine by following this guide today:

Check with Your Local Council
If your home is listed, you likely will not be able to make any big, modern renovations. Instead, you will need to follow the very strict rules and regulations about renovating and restoring your property. Maintaining these beautiful homes is a privilege, and if you need to know what you are getting into before you buy. For one, check to see if your home is listed. Listed I and II buildings could receive additional funding for the restoration, so it won’t all be on your hands.

Protect and Restore the Key Character Features
Wood in the UK is a very expensive material to build your home with, as all the wood comes from sustainable and protected forests or from overseas. This means that if your heritage home is lucky enough to come with beautiful wood flooring, then you need to do all you can to restore and preserve it. Darker, more luxurious woods like mahogany, in particular, need extra care and attention. If you have them, or other similar woods that have a fine grain, then see about getting a French polish done from Majoroakpolishing.com. They can breathe new life into your floors, and protect them from future wear and tear.

Tips on How to Insulate and Make It Warmer
If your heritage home cannot be altered in any drastic way, then chances are you won’t be able to insulate it like you could if, say, you had a cavity wall or added space between your current wall to keep it warmer. What you will need to do instead is rely on old-fashioned tactics to keep your property nice and cosy throughout the winter. For one, look outside your property. Use landscaping and plants to protect the sides of your home form harsh winds. Inside, thick curtains, tapestries, and rugs can do wonders to keep your home nice and warm – plus it will help you reduce your heating costs.

How to Add Modern Elements Beautifully
Modern decorations and furniture can be added, but remember to combine it with more antique and traditional décor. A modern couch could fit nicely with an antique coffee table. Art deco decorations can look beautiful in a period shelf, and so on.

A heritage home is not something you should disrespect by attempting to cover up old features. Instead, restore it correctly and find ways to marry old and new in a unique and beautiful manner that everyone in your family will enjoy.

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