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Five Great Ways To Brighten Your Home For Summer

There’s no better time than late Spring or early Summer to make some changes to your home; the days are longer, giving you more time for those DIY jobs, and the weather is warm enough to throw the windows open wide. If your home needs updating, but you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got five great tips on how to freshen things up.

Work On The Garden
It’s a well-known fact that gardening is excellent for both mental and physical health, and the added bonus is that you’ll have a beautiful outdoor space to relax in. If your garden is more weeds than flowers, though, it can be tricky to know where to begin.

For a major overhaul, get in touch with a landscape gardener who can not only do the practical work but can also provide invaluable advice on plants and shrubs. If your space is on the smaller side, a quick trip to the local garden centre or DIY store for some jewel coloured blooms and bright pots will work wonders.

Refresh The Paintwork
Nothing makes your home look brighter than a fresh coat of paint on the walls, and choosing the right colour can make all the difference. For smaller rooms, keep it light and bright with a crisp shade of white, or off-white, and for larger spaces opt for brighter colours that really catch the eye. If your walls are looking a little knocked or dented, make sure you prepare the area first with a smoothing filler - taking the extra time to do this will make sure your paintwork looks spectacular!

Update Your Windows and Doors
If you’ve got a fairly healthy budget for home renovations, updating your windows and doors can make a huge impact. Wandsworth Sash Windows in London manufacture and install windows, doors and shutters, and can even take on joinery and major building works. Part of the Made in Britain campaign, all their products are made right here in the UK in their beautiful workshop in East Sussex and are completely bespoke to your own specifications.

Adding such character to your property, as well as efficiency, can make your house much more profitable.

Add Some New Flooring
If your carpets are looking a little tired, or your laminate is chipped and scuffed, why not update your flooring to match the new paintwork? Fresh carpets are great for brightening bedrooms and living spaces, while high traffic areas such as hallways benefit from a hard-wearing surface such as engineered wood flooring. Choose from a wide variety of styles, colours and tones, and see your home spring to life.

Shop For Accessories
For anyone on a tighter budget, adding a few carefully chosen accessories to your home is a great way to freshen things up. Packing away heavy winter blankets and bringing in lighter textiles such as cotton throws work brilliantly in bedrooms and lounge areas, while new storage canisters and tea towels are a quick-fix for kitchens. Even something as simple as adding a new rug can make a world of difference to any room.

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