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Front Garden Driveway Ideas

Desperately seeking dedicated driveway advice?  Home Logic Resin Driveways installers have compiled a fail-proof front garden driveway ideas that deliver your desired results, without compromising on overall design…

The Disappearance Of The British Front Garden

According to the British Horticultural Society, British front gardens are disappearing at a rapid rate-and not out of choice. In dense, urban areas, insufficient off-road parking proves problematic, with property owners forced to park their vehicles several streets away from their homes.

Consequently, most are left with no other option than to re-purpose their entire garden for parking. It’s an all-or-nothing approach, and one which this article aims to challenge, as we reveal how you can extend your driveway, without compromising the core aspects of your garden.

Key Considerations For Front Garden Driveways

When it comes to driveways, first impressions matter-especially if you intend to sell your home at a later date. With that in mind, here’s a few key considerations to factor into the equation:


To determine how much space is required, consider parking demands long-term. If you currently have just one vehicle, and teenagers still living at home, chances are that in a few years time, they’ll want their own little runaround as well. If this is the case, invest in a driveway extension.


Want to extend your driveway, without digging up your entire garden? Most front gardens have lawn space as well, enabling you to take up the turf, without interfering with beloved bedding areas-and earning you extra driveway space in the process.

-Privacy and Security:

To prevent thefts, invest in extra-secure locks. This is especially important for sheds-tool theft is all too common, and replacing the tools in question is a costly and time-consuming process. Prevention really is better than cure!

-Drainage Requirements:

Since 2008, building regulations have stipulated that SUDs compliance is mandatory, in a bid to minimise flood risks. In this respect, resin offers the most salient solution, as it meets the very latest drainage requirements.

How To Make The Most Of Your Front Garden Driveway

Set yourself up for long-term driveway success by steering the middle course:

-Think Vertical:

Why compromise when you don’t have to? Rip up the rule-book, and take your garden to its vertical limits, using a combination of high canopy trees and climbers. That way, you have ample space to install your new driveway, and still reap the rewards of nature. Perfect!

 -Strike A Balance:

To make the most of all exterior space, striking a balance is key. To achieve this, some homeowners opt for two rows of paving instead of a full driveway, filling up the additional area with hard-wearing, low-level plants.

-Consider Combining Materials:

If you find yourself torn between two different driveway materials, then go ahead and be greedy! A combination of paving and aggregates creates the illusion of additional space, as well as enabling you to utilise your front garden space for more than one purpose.

-Focus On Future Outcomes:

Plants provide a welcome injection of colour to your front garden driveway. You should always focus on future outcomes whilst planting, as plants undergo several transitions dependent on season.

Front Garden Driveway Ideas For Terraced Houses

For terraced houses, creating the illusion of additional space is top priority. To capitalise on exterior space, get creative with your planting! Transfer plants from the ground space to higher levels, using hanging baskets and climbers to achieve your aims.

Front Garden Driveway Ideas For Semi-Detached Houses

Most front garden driveways of semi-detached houses have space for two cars, which is an obvious practical perk. To section off your space from neighbours, invest in high fencing and foliage.

Front Garden Driveway Ideas For Detached Houses

If you’re lucky enough to own a detached house, then the good news is that you have far more space and scope for letting your front garden driveway ideas run wild! Experiment with snaking curves to create a driveway of distinction, that will turn your neighbours green with envy.

Additional Front Garden Driveway Ideas

Want to take your front garden driveway ideas one step further? Take a look at these savvy suggestions:

-Foliage and Fencing:

For properties on busier roads, privacy is paramount. One easy way of achieving this is to plant tall grasses in your front garden, as well as bushier shrubs, creating a welcome sense of seclusion.

-Screen Off Specific Areas:

Following on from the previous point on privacy, you can enhance your efforts to keep gawpers’ gazes at bay by screening off specific areas. In this respect, trellising offers a failproof solution. You can even train climber plants to trail over your trellis to add further visual intrigue.

-Think Outside The Box:

Front garden restrictions getting you down? Think outside the box-quite literally! Windows boxes offer an admirable alternative, enabling you to transfer your prized perennials to higher levels, whilst simultaneously extending your driveway. Sorted!




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    I couldn't agree more, when looking at properties the first thing I notice is the outdoor space. And maintaining a tidy, well kept garden and driveway can effectively give a house a facelift! Thanks for sharing this article


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