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Gas safety certificates

Gas safety certificates

If you wish to have any gas appliance replaced, repaired or serviced, it is vital that you hire a Gas Safe Registered engineer to carry out the work for you. Carbon monoxide is an odourless and tasteless gas that takes the lives of hundreds of homeowners across the UK each year. Hiring a Gas Safe Registered engineer is the best way to protect yourself and your family.

The Gas Safe Register

The Gas Safe Register is designed to bring clarity to the gas registration scheme and protect homeowners from any possible dangers. Gas Safe Registered installers work to an extremely high standard and follow all Building Regulations where applicable.

Gas Safe is now the watch dog for gas safety in the UK, not CORGI. The purpose of Gas Safe is to raise the awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning, provide gas safety advice, maintain the mandatory register of competent businesses working with gas and ensure that Gas Safe registered businesses and engineers work within current regulations.

Gas safety certificates

After any gas work has been carried out within your home, you’ll be presented with a report which explains what checks were carried out. Homeowners should note however that this report is not a certificate as such and your Gas Safe Registered engineer is not legally required to give you one. The report will outline all appliances that have been checked and it will be signed stating that the appliances are safe for use.

Although not a legal requirement, if you ask your Gas Safe Registered engineer to provide you with a report, more often than not they will oblige.

Protect yourself

Gas poses a serious risk to health, and it is vital that homeowners take the necessary steps towards protecting themselves. You can protect yourself from danger by following these simple steps:

  1. Only hire a Gas Safe registered installer to fit, fix or service your appliances.
  2. Always ask to see your installers ID to ensure he/she is Gas Safe Registered.
  3. Ensure that any gas appliances in your home are serviced regularly.
  4. Take the necessary steps to preventing exposure to gas, such as the installation of a carbon monoxide monitor.

If you are unsure of any gas work carried out in your home, you can book a free gas safety inspection through the Gas Safe Register. Remember that no matter how small the gas work carried out, it must be done so by a professional who is Gas Safe registered from 1st April 2009.

Rented property

If you live in rented property, your landlord has a legal obligation to produce up-to-date gas safety records, and by law landlords must have all gas appliances serviced regularly. Failure to do so can lead to prosecution. If you have just moved in to a rented property and have never seen any gas safety records, you have the right to ask your landlord for them. It is imperative to your safety that the appliances are fit for purpose.

For more information on Gas Safe and gas safety certificates, please visit the Gas Safe Register.

The information contained within this article is strictly for guidance only.  Cost2Build recommends that you always check current sources of information in case regulations have changed. Cost2Build cannot accept any liability for miscommunication of the law in the case of a change in regulation or any action done to a property based on the information held in this article.

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