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Get The Most Out of Your Air Con Unit

If you want to get the most out of your air con unit, a little research goes a long way.

The key to getting the most out your air conditioning unit is in knowing some basic science and a little about maintenance. Here are our top tips for keeping it efficient.

  1. Buy an energy efficient unit – Air Conditioning systems (by some estimates) lose about five percent of their efficiency every year they are in use. Make sure when you buy, you ask how efficient the unit is.
  2. Get a thermostat you can program – Set it so that the unit doesn’t function until the temperature hits a certain number. Why have it running when it doesn’t need to? Your air conditioning unit will add about 4% to your energy bill for every degree below 78F.
  3. Keep it in working order – Don’t just install an air con system and then leave it. Check it every month, and be ready to replace or clean filters as needed.
  4. Close the vents on rooms that don’t need air con – A rarely used dining room for example. There’s no sense in cooling a room that no one is in.
  5. Be smart about which air con system you have – If you live in a one bedroom flat, a central system is an expense you don’t need. Go with a smaller split unit or even a windowsill unit.

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