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Give Your Bathroom A Makeover In 2019

You use it to relax and unwind, so why not turn your bathroom into a stylish haven you’re happy to spend hours in?

The bathroom stands up to a lot of use every day, particularly in a busy family home. Yet when it comes to decorating and interior design, it’s a room that’s often low down on the list of priorities. If your bathroom is in serious need of a style overhaul, then why not give it a makeover in 2018? There are some really exciting trends to take inspiration from at the moment – form bold colours to modern woods. So make yourself a cuppa, sit back, and read on for some bathroom design inspiration.

Bold Hues
In 2018, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with bold colours in your bathroom. So often we fall into the trap of only picking neutral colours, but that’s not the only way to go. Just take a look at this stunning emerald green unit with a matching mirror.

Pair your freshly painted units with striking handles and white accessories for a really luxe, high-end look. The great thing about this trend is that if you have units you are happy to keep, you can transform your bathroom in an afternoon with a couple of coats of paint.

Statement Sinks
A sink is just a sink, right? Wrong! This year, it’s going to become the most stylish piece in your bathroom. The two sinks below are a great example of this. Whether you love the Moroccan vibe of the first or the vintage china-inspired style of the second, you’ll never look at a sink in the same way again.

It’s always important to call in the professionals to get your new sink fitted. Luckily, there are some fantastic plumbers in Edinburgh for you to choose from. They’ll be able to make all of your bathroom dreams a reality – gorgeous, brightly patterned sink included!

Wood is making a comeback, and in our opinion, it’s a long overdue one. Wood adds so much warmth to a bathroom, and it’s incredibly durable too. We love the contrast between the rich, deep tones of the wood and the clean, crisp white of the fittings and accessories seen here.


If you do opt for wood in your bathroom, make sure that any pieces are treated and constructed soundly to withstand the heat and moisture that builds up the room. Solid woods are the best option, but there are some much more cost-effective options out there too.

Last but not least is wallpaper. Yes, you heard that right! Vinyl and super-strength wallpapers are resistant to water damage, so they can be used in your bathroom. Have a glance at our two picks below. We don’t know which one we love more!

You must check that the wallpaper you are using is suitable for bathrooms, or you could find it peeling before too long. When done right though, wallpapering your bathroom is a cheap and really easy way of adding some personality to the space.

Start The Transformation Today
So there you have it, your top bathroom trends for 2018. If plumbing works are going to need to take place, then make sure that you call in the professionals. They’ll be able to complete the work quickly and to a high standard – which means that you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful new
bathroom in no time at all!

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