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GUEST POST - Benefits Of Construction Site Portable Toilets

In this day and age, the vast majority recognise the fact that portable toilets are the smart choice for any building site. They help to increase productivity, they’re great for the environment and they offer a number of overall benefits to the job and workers on site. In the very least, they save you and your company money.


Sadly when planning the logistics of a construction website, there are so many different things to think of. With fencing, access for trucks and even worker safety, portable toilets can start to seem a little unimportant. More often than not, as a result of their supposed insignificance, they get left to the last minute. Now, while it may be tempting to just forget about portable toilets and let workers find their own facilities off site, it’s worth knowing the huge disservice you’d be doing to not only your workforce but the job, your business and the community around you too.


Let’s not forget the law however as construction site toilets aren’t just great for productivity levels and the environment, they’re also a legal requirement. The Health and Safety Executive or HSE states that everyone working on a construction site must have access to toilets and the relevant facilities for washing, changing, eating and or rest. In some cases, flushable toilets may need to be provided and if this isn’t possible, due to a lack of water supply or drainage tanks, then chemical site toilets must be in place. Failure to comply with such regulations will not only cost you time but will cost you money too, along with a fair few headaches. It’s therefore an advantage to simply cover your bases and rent portable toilets first and foremost. 


A great number of people find it difficult to believe the fact that portable toilets can have a dramatic effect on productivity, saving you a lot of money and speeding up the actual completion time of the job. Looking at it from an obvious point of view, without access to portable toilets on site, workers will be forced to leave site in search of restrooms. Restrooms may only be a few minutes walk away but with most workers using the restrooms multiple times a day, those minutes soon start to add up, in the end costing you hours in lost time. On top of this, workers continually wandering off site can also lead to poor relations with neighbours, leading to further headaches for what would have otherwise been a simple job.


Another less well-known benefit of portable toilets on constructions sites is the positive environmental impact. Regular toilets are huge water wasters. Let’s look at it from an “averages” point of view. If a construction site has a crew of 10, each working a 40-hour week, they’ll generate roughly 30 gallons of waste. Using conventional toilets would mean using a whopping 2,500 gallons of clean water that would subsequently require treatment. Construction site portable toilets however, would need only 30 gallons in order to do the very same job. That’s an incredible saving. It’s important to remember that what’s good for the environment is also very good for business for the simple “environmentally friendly” tag.


Quite simply, construction site toilets are the smarter choice when it comes to any building site. It doesn’t matter what size construction site you’re working on, there are portable toilets to suit every need. From restricted access to disabled access to regular chemical site toilets, there’s a portable toilet for you. Contact us at Euroloo for more information today. 


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