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GUEST POST - Decorating With Black and White

When decorating your home, there are so many different themes you can choose from. One theme however, that works time and time again, is the simple and timeless Black and White. Many people find black and white to be difficult colours to work with, however with the right balance and distribution, the two colours work perfectly hand in hand, complimenting your rooms overall look. When working with black and white, it is important to keep quantity in mind, as you need an equal balance. Whether you decide to go with white walls and black furnishings, or the other way around, it’s key to keep simplicity and minimalist ideas in mind to ensure you create the perfect look for any room. 

Black and White are both colours that can work well in any room. It doesn’t matter if your wanting a monochrome bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, there are loads of different ways in which you can incorporate the two combining colours to create exactly what you want. With black being a very dominant colour, creating a bold and dramatic impact on a room, the white then neutralises this look, adding a fresh, clean and chic look. Therefore, combining the two creates an overall look that oozes sophistication, class and style. 

Kitchens are one of the most common rooms for a black and white theme, as you can really create a strong, fresh look through different materials such as marble, stone and granite. To create a strong yet balanced theme throughout your kitchen you need to ensure you don’t add mixtures or patterns. For example, black kitchen units with a black marble worktop, complimented by white walls and white granite or stone flooring, with additional black or white utensils and appliances, would be the perfect way to gain the right balance. Having the two colours mixed, for example black units with a white countertop, black floor and white walls, may be too bold and dramatic and create a busy, messy look. This kind of look to a room will create a negative atmosphere, however if you get your balance correct then you can be sure to generate an inviting, modern and chic look for your kitchen. Additional items such as black and white salt and pepper pots, black or white mugs, plates and so on, will inject added style to the room, maintaining the classic look and making your kitchen stand out.

If you are considering a black and white bathroom design, it’s very similar to the way you would design your kitchen. Again incorporating marbles, stones and other elegant materials you can really create a gorgeous style. The beauty of a black and white bathroom is how you wish to distribute the colours, as you can really have fun with buying additional pieces such as black and white towels, a black shiny soap dispenser or even black or white blinds to fit the window. With your bathroom, it’s a good idea to keep the walls white, as this is the area of the bathroom that will take up the most space. Having white walls will instantly create a fresh, clean atmosphere which is exactly what you require in a bathroom. If you feel black and white is a little to plain, you could incorporate small features such as a silver mirror, silver towel racks and so on, as silver is another great colour that compliments black and white very well. 

When it comes to your living areas, it’s really important to make sure you don’t dominate the room with black. Whilst the kitchen and bathroom can work well with larger areas of black, your living spaces want to be relaxing, calming and quaint. Again, white walls are a very good idea especially when wanting to create a softer atmosphere. You can incorporate black into the design through furnishings such as your seating arrangements, sofas, chairs and so on, as well as through tables, bookcases and TV stands. Having these larger pieces in black will draw the rooms look together really well, whilst still generating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. To ensure your room is perfectly suited to your mood and needs, mood lighting is a perfect way of being able to determine exactly how the room feels and looks. Having dimmed yellow lighting will take the edge off the black and white, which can sometimes be very strong and dramatic. Lighting is the key in creating the perfect atmosphere and will work really well for your living areas. 

Other simple yet effective features that you can include in any room are items such as black or white curtain rails, black door handles, white or black photo frames and other simple yet bold features that will add to the rooms overall chic style. The brilliant thing about decorating with black and white is that, if you ever feel tired or bored of the simple yet stylish theme, it is so easy to add bold and bright colours to the mix, through furniture, materials and so on. 


By Rebecca Taylor. Check her out on Twitter - https://twitter.com/rebeccabethanyt & Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Rebecca-Taylor-1026134934119239/


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    Black and white combination is almost everyone's favourite. I like to compliment my black kitchen units with white Kitchen worktops. Thanks for the post..


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