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GUEST POST - Dressing Rooms are making a comeback

Dressing rooms seem to be redefining their presence in the modern home. 

Although technically nobody needs a dressing room - it is a luxury rather than a necessity - it is in the female nature to crave one. Who doesn’t want to get ready in a dressing room and feel that Hollywood glamour? Even if you cannot afford a dressing room, a dressing table can work just as well and can be just as glamorous without costing the earth. Read on to find out the secrets of how to work one into your home. 

The context 

In medieval times, the lady of the manor would be provided with a degree of privacy, but dressing rooms specifically became popular in middle-class homes during the Victorian era. Lately, the trend has been making a comeback. And it’s not just limited to hotels and luxury homes - you can easily achieve your own version. So what’s behind that trend? Many are opting to leave it later to have children; so often couples have extra space which would, traditionally, have been converted into a nursery. It is also a fact that nowadays we’re buying more clothes – dressers and wardrobes just aren’t enough, so dressing rooms have become practically useful. 

Why should you consider one?

A dressing room can add star quality to your property and can even increase the value, which for many can be a good reason to renovate. As the housing market is currently unstable, many people are choosing to renovate, rather than relocate. Whilst a dressing room won’t intrinsically impact your value by creating new floor space, it will influence saleability. Potential buyers are influenced by a property’s features and a dressing room can be a very attractive one, particularly with a showbiz style mirror as the focal point.  

Making it happen

Make the best use of the space you have. Consider your ‘box’ room. If it’s untidy, invest in a few space saving tidy devices like hanging shelves or move items to the loft. By more effectively storing your surplus, you can generate space for the dressing room. Ultimately, it’s a less expensive and less disruptive way to modify your home without having the stress of moving. 

The room

Here’s some features and tips we like:

  • A key factor of all good dressing rooms is the mirror; in particular, a long vertical mirror so you can see the whole length of your body. 
  • It is always wise to invest in plenty of shelves and hanging rails so that you can have the clothes you’re most likely to wear at that particular time of year at arms-length. 
  • Always work out what types of clothes you have and where they would be best suited so that you can decide what you’re going to fold and what you’re going to hang. You should also find a space for your out-of-season clothes so they’re out of the way. 
  • You need to be able to see what clothes you have in your dressing room so it would be wise to invest in transparent shoe-boxes. This is so that you can keep them stacked, whilst simultaneously saving space and seeing what the box holds. Another luxurious addition would be a dressing table which you can tailor to your own style. 
  • Flattering lighting is always a good feature to have, as it will create an atmosphere and make getting ready an altogether more pleasurable experience. Try and go for soft blush tint bulbs that will compliment all skin tones. 

As for my dressing room situation, I sadly don’t have the facilities to have a separate room dedicated to dressing. But, to compensate, I would say my bedroom is more of a dressing room and I have an organised built in wardrobe. I am a killer for fairy lights and have decorated all my mirrors with them, which give it the unique style that I’m looking for. I would recommend buying some scented candles to make the room feel special and add cushions and rugs to make a smaller room feel opulent. 

Remember, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to ramp up the feeling of luxury in your home and it can be done with just a few star quality touches.


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    Joscelyne Williams

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    I totally agree, whenever I see a dressing room I think "oooh, fancy!". I have been trying to "fancy up" my home with little improvements here and there. Do you have any other suggestions? I've been considering changing my kitchen flooring to something better than lino, what do you think?

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    Debbie mcteir

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    got a conservatory built and saved a few hundred pounds on materials. From start to finish, it took two weeks, wouldn't go anywhere else now total stress free


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