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GUEST POST - Easy Ways to Make Your Garden Safe and Secure

The garden is often one of the last places people think of when it comes to ensuring safety and security. Whilst keeping our homes locked and protected, it’s easy to overlook the garden, as so little time is often spent there. Your garden however is equally as important when it comes to securing your home, as it plays a large part in the protection of your home in general. Following these easy steps will ensure your home and garden are safe, secure and private. 

Surround your garden…

One of the most obvious, and beneficial kinds of home security is fencing. As obvious as it is, you’d be surprised how many homes don’t have tall fencing, and just have smaller bushes separating neighbour’s gardens from your own. By putting strong, wooden fencing around the outskirts of your whole garden, you are not only keeping your garden private and secluded, but also preventing unwanted access. Fencing is the perfect solution for stopping anyone entering your back garden without your permission, as well as stopping people from being able to look in at your home. Placing fencing works perfectly, you can also accompany the fencing with lockable gates positioned on either side of your home, if you have a side entrance from the front to back of your home. If you don’t have as much back garden space, consider adding fencing to the front of your home, as it works just as well, keeping people out and stopping people from being able to see straight through to your home. By adding locks to your gates, you are adding extra security to your home and its surrounding area, perfect for if you have little ones too, and you don’t want them running out onto the street. If you don’t already have fencing, you may want to contact your local timber merchants and see what can be done to best suit your garden.

Blending in…

Fencing isn’t the only option for securing your garden, and many people aren’t as keen on plain wooden fencing surrounding their beautiful gardens. Consider incorporating some plants all mixed in height, adding character and style to your garden but also working as a barrier to keep your garden private. It’s understandable that you want your garden to look bright, elegant and floral, so adding some beautiful plants and flowers is a great way to enhance your gardens aesthetical appeal whilst also keeping it secure. Using plants to crawl up your fencing is another great way of keeping the main security resource there, whilst keeping the elegant look and feel of your garden. Try and use lower plants around the walls of your home, this way nothing can hide in-between them and you’ll be able to see the sides of your home at all times. 

Light it up…

Garden lighting is one of the best features you can possibly invest in, especially if you’re a party person and enjoy having your friends round for garden parties! Adding lighting to the outside of your home is perfect for both keeping your garden areas well-lit through those summer evenings, as well as working as a security feature when you’re indoors and can’t see through the pitch black window. If you add a security light, one which instantly turns on when a certain amount of motion is detected, then you can rest assured you will be drawn to the area straight away and you’ll be able to see if anything or anyone is there that shouldn’t be. Having security lighting is really important, as it will give you reassurance that your garden is safe and secure at all times. 

Quick tips… 

A couple of little reminders that many of us are guilty of… Number one, try not to position your bins, bikes or table near your fencing. Having these positioned there will create the perfect step for anyone who wants to get into your garden. Also, storage is a great idea for keeping your garden furniture secure, and also preventing it from weathering through the winter months! 


By Rebecca Taylor - @rebeccabethanyt

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