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Home Improvement With Security

Have you ever had your home broken into? Well if that’s the case, then you’ll know that it is an experience which you would never forget, especially if you lose valuable items as a result.

A research study shows that burglaries take place every 15 seconds in the United States alone. Studies also show that 73% of burglaries take place in residential areas, and hence it is very important to improve the security of your house, above improving anything else in the home.

With that in mind, here are some ways to improve your home through implementing security measures:

Install and use home security devices

This is one of the prime means of securing your home. You need to hire a professional security company to help you with installation and monitoring of your home security systems. There are a variety of these systems with the choice to be made by the homeowner.

Access control systems are an example of a home security system. The system is electronic, and very reliable, since it is computerised. You can either choose to have a keypad accesscontrol, where the system operates using numerical passwords, or a fingerprint access control, which requires a fingerprint scanning every time you need to gain entry. The third option you can have is the use of a proximity card which is unique and very safe.

CCTV systems are another security device which could be installed to improve the home. They help in monitoring entries and exits in your home, as well as keep a record of events even at your absence. With improved technology, there are micro CCTVs which cannot be seen easily and they can be used to monitor your home without anyone knowing.

In events of a fire outbreak, fire alarm systems come to rescue. The systems have sensors which detect fire or even smoke prompting an alarm which would save your home. Instead of relying on neighbors or other people to inform you or a fire department in case of an emergency, you should consider installing a fire alarm system.

Replacement and secure doors and windows

Most burglaries take place through the front door, back door or garage door. Therefore, you should install burglar proof windows and doors to keep away thieves. There are many types and styles of secure doors and windows which are in the market today and would fit perfectly in your home. These doors and windows are mainly built-in rolling shutters and roll up fly screens to improve security since roller shutters are known to be secure.

Necessary inspections should be carried out to ascertain that the doors are strong enough to keep away the thieves. Their frames should be strong, hinges protected to avoid easy break in and the material used in making the doors strong enough. Also, the windows are other vulnerable areas where thieves may use to get into your home. You should ensure that your windows are always closed when leaving home and in case you feel the need, you can add grills or laminate your window glass to make it stronger.

Use of locks

Having locks is more secure than using padlocks to lock your door. Nowadays, people have come up with new ideas on how to master key padlocks and no matter how secure you think a padlock is, someone might have cracked its master key. It is therefore advisable to use locks both for your door and windows. Don’t hesitate to change your lock as soon as you lose your key because you may be risking your valuables. Also, in case you have a private room where you keep your valuable items, you should be the only one having the key. This would give you the peace of mind and guarantee security of your items.

Although modern locks are secure to use, don’t take chances though. When a lock is broken, it should be repaired or replaced soonest possible because it could be the weak point to gain entry into your house. Again, incorporate other security systems with the use of locks to guarantee security. For instance, you can install alarms which have motion detector sensors to notify you or your security firm in case someone tries to gain access into your house.

Use of smart home devices

With the modern technology, you can be able to access your home even when you’re far away. With smart devices, you can turn lights on or off, open doors of your home for friends to wait for you inside your home, turn your AC on when at office to get a conducive environment and above all, monitor the safety of your home.

Sentri is an example of a smart home device which monitors temperature in your house. Additionally, the device has a 360?-view camera which can help you view your whole house remotely.

Goji is another device which is used by most homeowners to lock their homes. Using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the device can send pictures of people who have gone near your door because it has a camera. There are other smart devices which are used to secure home whilst offering smart services to homeowners.

To keep your home safe or deter potential burglars, you should adhere to the tips discussed above. However, securing your home may involve use of money and hence you should look for a method which is affordable to you. If you don’t have any expertise or knowledge, you should seek help from a professional company or personnel to avoid taking chances.

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