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House Cold In The Winter? Build A Conservatory

Are you struggling to heat your historic home? You’re not alone. Millions of UK homeowners could benefit from investing in a conservatory extension.

25 million homes in the UK need to be renovated to improve their insulation. A government report tasked with finding ways to cut 80% of the UK’s carbon emissions revealed that a third of this total is being wasted by heating buildings that are poorly insulated. The UK boasts some beautiful and historic properties, but many are not efficient in terms of conserving energy. If you’re a homeowner who is concerned about the environment, or just wants to save money and find a more cost-effective way to keep your home warm, then you might want to look at adding an extension on to your home, in the form of a thermal- efficient conservatory.

Aren’t Conservatories Cold?

The notion of conservatories being ice-boxes in the winter, and greenhouses in the summer isn’t entirely inaccurate, it’s just a bit outdated. Back in the 80s and 90s, conservatories surged in popularity as a way to add extra living space and create a transitional room between the home and the garden. This was a lovely idea, and for two or three months of the year, the conservatory was the favoured room of the house to spend time in. But then came those other months.

The problem is that many people still associate conservatories with this outdated idea when actually technology has moved on somewhat. Modern conservatories are properly insulated and there are a wide variety of glass products to choose from which will keep the heat in more efficiently than your existing exterior walls. For example, Caulfield Luxury Conservatories sells products such as Solarlux, which is thermally efficient glazing that keeps the heat in long after summer has passed.

The Cost Of Conservatories

While it’s true that conservatories do come at a cost, they are considerably cheaper than adding a full-blown extension to your house and will help you save money on the cost of your energy bills in the long-term. One of the major areas that you’ll save money on in comparison to building an extension is architectural fees. Conservatories fall under the ‘permitted development’ category so long as it is single-storey and doesn’t infringe on your neighbours’ ‘right to light’. The building work must also keep to the measurements outlined in the regulatory code, for example, the construction must not cover more than half of your garden. This means that you don’t require planning permission as such, although you should
check the government Planning Portal to ensure that your work adheres to the strict rules.

Having experienced another long, cold winter and with the promise of further energy bill price hikes coming again this year, it’s time to look at alternative solutions to heating your poorly insulated home. Why not invest in a conservatory to give you added living space as well as providing you with a cosier home?


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    My conservatory is really great and I saw a great improvement in the heat of the house! I couldn't agree more. Becuase of the home improvements my house is feeling more like a home! Also, my driveway has been massively improved by a resin resurface - I would definitely recommend!


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