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How To Avoid Spending A Lot Of Money On Replacing Your Washing Machine

Laundry is an important part of life and one that can consume many hours of the week. Therefore, your washing machine is a critical appliance, if it stops working you face a major problem.

When a washing machine isn’t performing at its full capability, this first action you take doesn’t necessarily need to be finding a replacement.

As washing machines do cost a substantial amount so it’s a smart idea to think through your full options of figuring out the issue with your machine.

Sometimes a simple telephone call to book a washing machine repair by Hotpoint or any other suppliers can resolve the issue easily. So, you don’t have to spend any extra time worrying.

Here we list key signs that there might be a fault with your machine.


If you’re currently experiencing issues with shaking on your washing machine, here are three things to help identify the problem:

  •  Sometimes, a washing machine will shake if it was not installed correctly. If the brackets and bolts used to keep the washing machine safe while it was being transferred to your home have not been removed, it can cause some shaking and additional noise. If this is the case, there is no fault with your appliance, but you should be aware of this and save the pieces if you plan on moving your appliance elsewhere in the future.
  • Occasionally, a washing machine is shaking because it is not on a level surface. This can either be a quick and easy fix, through moving the machine slightly; or a little more cumbersome, by adding a platform underneath it.
  • Another possibility is that the clothes inside have gotten twisted around, causing the drum to spin unevenly, rectify this by ensuring to take more time when loading your clothing items during your next wash.

When a washing machine is leaking, it can be a sign that it is time to replace it.

However, sometimes, it is not that simple. Sometimes, a leak can be the result of a leak in one of the hoses. It can also be an issue with the detergent dispenser or the drain hose. On occasion, the water hose might just need to be tightened or replaced. Each of these pieces is a much cheaper replacement than the entire washing machine. Leaking can also occur is the machine is overloaded, so be aware of the capacity of your machine.


A washing machine that stops in the middle of a wash cycle is not performing its job the way that it should be. Sometimes, water is left in parts of the machine after the cycle is done, if this happens regularly it can cause a buildup of fluids in the machine.

If this is the case, it is important to check for blocks in the hoses. If the water is built up in the detergent dispenser, removing the drawer and cleaning it with hot water can remove any blockage there. This could also be another case of the machine not being level. A simple adjustment can fix the problem and save you money.


A bad smelling washing machine is very unpleasant. If a washing machine is used at low temperatures most of the time, it can lead to a build-up of bacteria and even some detergents that do not dissolve. This can be resolved by running the machine with baking soda and vinegar or by using a special formula recommended by your washing machine retailer.

Another way to prevent a smell from building up is to examine the drain hose. This should not be blocked in any way, and it should also be clean. This will prevent smells from building up in your machine.

If you are having troubles with your washing machine, it is sometimes worth it to have a repairman come out and look at it before replacing the entire thing. Alternatively, you can take these tips onboard if you do plan on addressing any of the issues on your own, to save you costs overall.

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