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How to Ensure Your Garden is Child-Friendly

Getting the little ones outdoor into the garden is great for so many different reasons. Not only does spending time in the garden come with lots of health benefits, but it’s also extremely fun and educational too! With the summer months finally upon us, now is the perfect time to check your garden and make sure it’s safe and child-friendly for hours of fun over the next few months.

Make Sure It’s Safe and Secure

It doesn’t matter how young or old your children are, their curiosity and adventurous spark will always encourage them to explore the garden to see what mysteries they can unfold. This is one of the reasons why it's so important to ensure your garden is secure and safe for them. Having some enclosed space will ensure that your children have plenty of room to roam around and explore, without going too far or ending up in the neighbour’s garden! Similarly, you want to ensure your children are secure in the garden from outsiders too. It’s very easy for people walking past to draw attention to themselves and you don’t want your little ones wandering off out of curiosity and getting lost!

Along with the main gardens safety, it’s important to take the items within your garden into consideration too. For example, if you happen to have a trampoline, a pond, a swimming pool or even a BBQ, you need to ensure that these areas are safe and only as accessible as you want them to be to your child. When it comes to the pond, you can find some really useful pieces of equipment at Bradshaws Direct to ensure it’s safe and secure, whilst you can find netting for the trampoline at Argos

Add an Activity Piece

From climbing frames and slides, to swing sets and treehouses, your child will have hours of fun If you introduce an activity feature to the garden. There are plenty of fun things to do in the garden but having your very own space to climb and play is going to make being in the
garden much more enjoyable. Your little ones will have endless amounts of fun in the garden with an exciting activity centre and they are also a great way for adding a little character to the outdoor space too.

Encourage Alfresco Dining

Eating outdoors during the summertime is always a really lovely thing to do and it’s even better when you can do it in the comfort of your own garden. All you need is some dining space, a table and a few chairs and you’re good to go! Encouraging your little ones to dine outdoors is really good for helping them to appreciate their garden and the great outdoors, whilst also ensuring they get plenty of fresh air throughout the day too. Not to mention the mess is always much easier to clean up when it’s created outside, rather than on the kitchen floor! This is also a great way to educate your child on which fruit and vegetables can be grown in the garden, encouraging them to eat their greens and enjoy knowing about where they come from and how they grow!

Welcome Wildlife into the Garden

One of the best summer holiday activities has got to be going on a wildlife hunt in the garden. There’s something really exciting about hunting down your favourite birds or insects and seeing what they look like in real life! By welcoming wildlife into your garden, you can show your little ones just what lives in the garden and teach them a little bit about them at the same time. This will also encourage your little ones to use their imaginations and let their creative spark flow and they experience new things and find out fun facts about the bugs they’ve always been curious about.

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