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How to Excavate Your Home Site

When constructing a new house, you’ll need to find the ideal lot on which you can have a stable foundation to build upon. Once you’ve purchased the lot and hired the right architect and designer,it will be time to get to work, and one of the first steps will involve excavating your home site to create the foundation for your new property. Check out the information below to learn more about what it takes to excavate your home site effectively and efficiently.

Hire the Right Team of Experts

Oftentimes, when building a new home from the ground up, there will be significant excavation work involved, and that’s when you need to hire the experts at companies like GSS. You’ll need to have specialist excavation teams on hand, as they are equipped and trained in working in the most dangerous and unstable conditions and locations. Also, by hiring the right team of experienced professionals from the start, you can also rest assured that the crew will be able to provide ground stabilisation services that will ensure your building project will be completed on time, on budget, and safely.

Clear the Building Site

Before anything can be done, a home site will need to be cleared of all unwanted shrubs, trees, boulders, rocks, tree stumps, and vegetation. You can save whatever you want to use later as part of your landscaping scheme, but you should not bury any debris, branches, or trees near the home site because the debris and wood will end up rotting, and you could end up with unwanted and dangerous sinkholes throughout the home site. Those sinkholes will only get bigger over time as the debris continues to rot, so it is best to prevent this problem before it even occurs.

Design the Layout and Mark Out the Site

After everything has been cleared off the site where you will build your home, it is time to establish precisely where the home will be placed, ensuring that the direction of any water flow is kept inmind so that it can drift away from your home rather than towards it. 

Mark out the entire site of the new house in exact dimensions, based upon your architect’s plan.  This means that you will need to mark out the four corners of the house, and you will also need to utilise diagonal lines in order to be sure that all of the four corners are set at 90-degree angles.  Finally, you can refer to the permit plans for your new house. Make sure that you check that the location of the house, leach fields, driveways, and septic system are correct. Once everything has been properly marked, it is time to start actually digging out the site, which requires a variety of machinery and equipment to get the job done right.

By keeping the above tips in mind, you can excavate your home site correctly and with a plan in place that will make the entire process go as smoothly as possible.

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