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How to Incorporate an Accent Wall in Your Living Room Decor

Decorating can be a daunting task. Making sure you have not only the correct furniture but beautiful accent pieces can seem near impossible at times. Once the project is complete, part of the struggle is ensuring the room keeps a clean appearance. Without a room appearing as though a cleaning service has been there, the décor can look unfinished. Most importantly the key to successful decorating is to keep it simple. You do not want to overdo the job, right? There are many ways to go wrong, but the best ones will teach you a lesson. Adding an accent wall can help achieve this. 

Before beginning decorating, be sure to thoroughly clean your living room. Hire a cleaning company if the task seems too much. A good team of domestic cleaners can accomplish this for you. Otherwise, go to your cleaning cabinet and pull out your finest cleaners and cleaning tools and get to work. Starting in a cleared and blank space will help make the job of decorating simple. Be sure to wash walls. If there are marks on the walls, use a good stain removing product prior to painting or wallpapering. 


Once the room is clean and clear, decide which colours you want to use. If this is difficult, choose your favourite colour and use a colour wheel to choose its complementing colour. If your furniture is a solid colour, an accent wall in a printed wallpaper looks wonderful. If your furniture is patterned, a solid accent wall looks great. For example, if you have a solid white sofa, a black and white damask paper pattern looks fine. 

Accent walls can be anywhere in your living room. They look especially stunning behind a sofa but can be on any wall. An accent wall doesn't have to be made of permanent materials for those who rent their space. Flour, water, and fabric can create a beautiful removable wallpaper. You just have to use your imagination to create the wall that works best for you. There are various methods of personalising your walls, so think about who you are and what you want to see on the walls, then act on that. End everything with a good house cleaning to see the full effect.


Accent walls are a simple solution for adding colour and personality to a living room. Use your imagination and achieve the ideal state you want your walls to be in. It is not hard at all because the sky is the limit when it comes to décor and wall décor. And if first you do not succeed, well, try and try again. Keep working and experimenting – trial and error will take you a long way and teach you how to have the best walls. 


Written by Ella Andrews.

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