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How to Plan and Design the Perfect Garden: A Guide

You deserve so much more than a long patch of grass and neighbours peering into your property. You deserve to look out and see an oasis – your happy place and your escape
from the daily stresses of everyday life. This is especially true if you live in a city and don’t have access to rolling hills of natural beauty.

It’s natural to not know where to start when you have a blank canvas, so follow this short guide to help you get started:

Consider Adding a Few Great Feature

A good-looking garden is great, but a garden that you get a lot of use out of is better. That is why, when planning and designing your perfect garden, you should consider adding these top features: 

1. A Summer House

A beautiful garden summer house is the perfect addition to any garden. It offers a great place to get out and enjoy the sun to its full potential. You can even make it into the perfect little den for reading, doing crafts, working on projects, or whatever else you can imagine. Installing a little summer house is the perfect way to increase the size of your living space. You can turn it into a project den, or make it into the ultimate small living space in which to lounge in the sun and enjoy every bit of good weather that comes your way.

2. An Outdoor Patio

Add an outdoor patio or eating area in which to enjoy outdoor meals during the warm summer nights and pleasant evenings. If it’s too sunny in your rear garden, then you can even add a pergola overhead and grow vines; providing you with a beautifully dappled sunlight effect.

3. A Hot Tub

What better way to make more use out of your garden in the winter than with a spa feature? As with the above-mentioned features, you don’t need planning permission for installation (with a few exceptions), therefore, a hot tub can give your garden a new life during the coldest months.

Invest in Privacy First

When it comes to deciding on the types of greenery to plant first, try focussing on items that will help give you the sense that you are in a private haven. Overhead trees, thick bushes, and lattices can all work to block out your neighbours and improve the framing of your garden.

Tips for Budgeting

It can cost a lot to turn a patch of grass into an oasis, but the beauty of a garden is that it is ever-changing. Take your time. If the only item that you can budget for is a summer house, then install that summer house and wait till next spring to add trees or bushes around it.

Waiting in this way can also help you take advantage of any sales, both for garden furniture and for flora or fauna.

Being patient like this will help you to spread out the costs and be more mindful with your design. Build up your garden organically and intentionally, and you will have a truly remarkable oasis of your very own.

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