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A discussion of the latest in home security such as smart home security systems, smart door handles and the latest in lock design such as anti-snap locks.

Wireless, sensors and camera tech leads the way in modern anti-theft methods
Modern technology, especially in the areas of ‘smart’ tech, is leading the way in the latest innovations in home security. Effective intruder warning and monitoring systems controlled by smartphone apps provide efficient ways to protect property often at prices that make them affordable for many.

Even the humble door handle bristles with technical advances to improve security and make life more convenient, and lock technology such as anti snap types continues apace.

The connected security world
Much has been made of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the way many items such as cars, phones, tablets and home equipment can link with and ‘talk’ to each other. Powerful smartphones and tablets enable us to stay connected wherever we are - and this is having a significant effect on home security.

Smart home security system
For very reasonable costs it’s possible to protect your property so it sends an alert when people enter or leave - or even approach the building. Through the use of sensors, cameras and a hub to control everything the system can send stills or video footage to your phone, tablet or laptop wherever you are even if many miles away.

These systems work through taking advantage of wi-fi technology and you control them remotely via a smartphone or tablet app.

For around £200 you could equip your home with a basic system comprising camera, hub and a door or window sensor. Costs would rise if you added more sensors and cameras, but it’s possible to provide decent monitoring of a three bedroom house for around £500 plus maybe a monthly subscription to the ‘smart home’ platform you might use (usually less than £10.00 per month).

Here are examples of what smart home security systems are available.

Smart door handles and locks
The hassle of digging into a pocket to find your door key when laden with shopping or worrying about who has a key to your home could be a thing of the past if smart door handles and locks become more widespread.

Using a PIN code and remote access technology, again using a smartphone app and wi-fi, you can equip your home with a keyless door. It’s possible to open the door in various ways; not only through inputting a PIN code on a physical keypad but using a remote fob, key card, smartphone app or using biometrics such as fingerprint recognition similar to how some smartphones are unlocked. Doors can be opened remotely even if you’re miles away or even abroad somewhere.

This is ideal for, say, admitting someone like a cleaner or carer (you can see them when they’ve arrived at your property if you have a camera as in the smart security system described above or a door camera connected to an app).

It’s also handy for letting your children in when they arrive home rather than giving them a physical key that they can easily lose.

Modern locks
Don’t forget modern lock design; after all, your high tech security systems can only warn you when intruders are threatening to enter your home or even after they already have. Effective locks fitted by experts such as this locksmith in Essex will ensure your home is as secure as possible.

For example, the rise in break-ins through intruders snapping older cylinder locks can be addressed through fitting anti-snap locks. These are locks designed to keep the door secure by protecting the locking mechanism and keeping it intact under a lock snapping attempt.

Basic common sense
The danger with equipping your home or business premises with high tech security kit is in becoming complacent and neglecting basic security common sense.

Don’t forget to check doors are securely locked even if you’re at home - thieves can be in and out in mere moments and are often only interested in stealing easily portable items that can be grabbed quickly; even documents provide rich pickings and don’t take long to remove.

Update old locks (you may have to depending on what your home insurance company’s lock requirements are) and fit locks to windows - at least ground floor ones - if you haven’t already.

The best and most advanced security equipment won’t help much if basic security measures aren’t taken - and do use a local reputable locksmith for any lock fitting work.

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