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Planning permission for bathrooms

Planning permission for bathrooms

If you are considering installing a new bathroom in your property you will need to establish whether or not you need to seek planning permission.

General rule

In general, installing a new bathroom does not need planning permission. If you are installing new units and fittings you do not need to seek approval, because this will not alter the structure of the property. Property owners are free to install as many new bathrooms as they like, so long as:

  1. The new bathroom does not change the structure of the property internally
  2. The new bathroom does not form part of an extension
  3. The new bathroom will not inhabit a room where there wasn’t one before

If your new bathroom is likely to change the structure of your property internally or externally, or be created in a room previously unused, then you will need to seek planning permission. This is required and covers ventilation, drainage, stability, electrical and fire safety guidelines.

Listed buildings

If your property is listed, you should consult your Local Planning Authority before you undertake any work, whether it changes the structure of your property or not. Your Local Planning Authority is run by your local council. In general, listed building planning permission for bathrooms is not needed where:

  • You are to carry out regular maintenance and like for like repairs
  • You are painting and decorating internally

If you are installing a brand new bathroom with a like for like suite you will not need to seek planning consent from your Local Planning Authority. As under the general rule, however, any bathroom that will alter the structure of a building or extend a property must have listed building content.

Green buildings

Greener homes follow the same planning permission rules as general homes, however units, fixtures and fittings chosen should have as little environmental impact as possible. Homeowners are advised to check the energy rating of all appliances.

For more information on bathroom planning permission, check out The Planning Portal.


The information contained within this article is strictly for guidance only.  Cost2Build recommends that you always check current sources of information in case regulations have changed. Cost2Build cannot accept any liability for miscommunication of the law in the case of a change in regulation or any action done to a property based on the information held in this article.

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