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Preparing For Autumn Yard Work

Spring and Summer tend to get most of the attention as far as gardening is concerned, but there’s a lot to be done in the yard once the autumn season settles in. This is a time for clean-up and preparation, as is made clear by a pretty helpful garden to-do list compiled by Care.com. From cleaning and weeding, to fertilising and mulching, you can keep yourself pretty busy outside during a season that many feel is one of the most pleasant times to be outdoors. But rather than going through the process of tidying up a garden and readying it for the coming spring, let’s talk about a few general ways to get ready for your yard work in the months ahead.

Clean Off Your Tools

Ideally, you’ll have done this the last time you used any relevant tools, but it’s understandable not to. At any rate, before you’re ready to work in the yard, it’s helpful to take inventory in your tool shed or garage and clean off anything that needs it. That means both spring and summer tools that you’re about to stash away for a few months and the autumn tools you’re about to put to use. For this season, you’ll only need a spade or two, perhaps a larger shovel and raking tools for spreading mulch. But whatever you may need to clean off, BBC has a very thorough write-up on how to clean and prepare all aspects of most any garden tool.

Set Up Your Entertainment

For a lot of us, working in the yard is a peaceful chore that can be almost therapeutic. For others, particularly in the age of multitasking, it can be nice to have a little entertainment while working. The easiest option that comes to mind is to have some good music, a radio show, or set of podcasts handy while you’re out in the yard working up a sweat. Your regular Bluetooth speakers may do the trick, though Screwfix points to a selection of practical and robust radios from Makita that might make you think about your options. With more rugged radios like these, you can usually enjoy AM/FM reception, but you get the added benefit of bumpers and sturdy builds that withstand rough ground, tipping over, and to some degree even dirt and debris. Plopping one of these down on the ground next to you can give you a carefree means of entertaining yourself while you work.

Set Up Your Hydration

You don’t need to put too much thought into this one. After all, it’s never too much of a hassle to walk back to the house, brush yourself (and your shoes) off, and head in for a cool glass of water or a tea break. But it can’t hurt to have a favourite beverage on hand while you’re out in the yard. If you’re going to be out for hours at a time, it's worthwhile to invest in a mug or bottle that can keep coffee (or a pumpkin spice latté!) hot, or keep ice water cold. Yeti has become a trendy brand in this regard, but there are plenty of alternatives that perform similarly well.

Dust Off Your Overalls

Or whatever yard outfit you typically designate for dirty work. Cleaning up the remnants of summer, weeding, and setting up plant beds for planting spring bloomers generally means you’ll be on your hands and knees quite a bit. In a way, autumn is a dirty gardening season, so it's time to break out your overalls or old, rugged pants and shirts that you don’t mind getting a little messy!

The good thing is that none of this preparation should take too long. If you devote a day to checking off these boxes, you’ll be glad you did when it's time to actually do the autumn yard work. You’ll be in for a more efficient and comfortable experience.

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