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Putting Your Own Touch On A Rented Property

When it comes to renting a home, many people worry about how they can make the house their home. There may seem to be a list of negatives that come when renting a property, however, you usually find that once you look at ways around these negatives, you can really make your house work for you and suit your style. Many Landlords today allow you to make small, semi-permanent changes to the home, and if your tenancy is a longer period, you may find your Landlord to be more relaxed when it comes to changes you may wish to make. It is always important, however, to run something you may feel to be a big change, past your Landlord first, as you need to ensure they are happy for you to do so. Having your own place to live should be exciting and fun, having your own personal space to relax and wind down, so making sure it’s right for you is key. 

Personal style is key when it comes to making your house your home, and as with any home, there are so many ways in which you can add personal touches to the rented property. Make sure you focus on what is necessary, for example ensuring your home is practical and functional for your needs. If your home is smaller and lacks as much space as others, you should have a look at furniture that will lift the room, for example, an L-shaped sofa will add extra seating, using less space than two individual sofas would do. Similarly, if your living space is larger, you should look at filling empty spaces, introducing statement chairs or house plants will just eliminate that dead space and enable the room to look homely and inviting. 

Many people look past lighting when designing their homes, however, it's actually one of the most important features in any room. How you light the room is vital, as you’ll find lighting is the key element in creating your overall atmosphere. If you’re into a bright, studio-like room, then bright lighting and white tones will work perfectly. Similarly, if you’re more of a cosy, relaxed individual, you may want to use warmer, yellow toned lighting to generate an inviting, soft feel. 

When renting a property, you often find that Landlords have already decorated the house in a neutral colour scheme. This way you can inject colour and patterns into the home without having to make permanent changes.  You can introduce colour through furniture, curtains, and additional features such as cushions, throws, rugs and so on. Having a neutral base to work with Is always best, as you can work with any other colours that work best for you to add your own touch. 

Your finishing touches are another key part to consider. No home is complete without the smaller details that show more of your personality and interests, such as flowers, artwork and photographs. Having these features will show your guests more about you, and it’s your way to show off your own style, whilst making your house homely, inviting and personal. 

Written by Aisha Tindale


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