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Refresh Your Garden This Summer

If your garden or outside space is looking dull, weeds are sprouting up, and the world beyond your back door is generally looking outdated, it is probably time to freshen up.

From instant fixers to bigger projects, we’ve got ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Instant fixers
Small things can make a big difference. Even something as quick and simple as mowing the lawn can make a massive difference in how your garden looks. Flymo gives some great tips on how to give your lawn that manicured look by adding stripes, instantly making it more attractive.

If you struggle to keep your lawn looking good, you could always consider the option of adding artificial grass for a low maintenance option.

Weeding: a word that fills a lot of people with dread. Weeds seem to pop up out of nowhere, and they can keep coming back. Getting rid of them is often a job that is hard on your back and can seem like an endless task. Perhaps try doing a small amount of weeding each weekend to keep the weeds at bay and your garden looking great. To make it harder for weeds to return, make sure you remove them entirely, including the roots.

For a garden that instantly looks more beautiful, try putting in some flowering plants that add splashes of colour throughout the space. You could add hanging baskets, have pots dotted around, and place bedding plants within your flower beds.

Bigger projects that add the wow factor
Most people want their house and garden to have kerb appeal, and a great way to do this can be through a driveway transformation. Expert landscape design Ireland by S&D Paving offers a range of driveways that can take your front garden from dull and dreary to a functional space that is beautiful as well.

With driveways, there are lots of different options; with a bespoke design service, you can choose a driveway that really gives your home a welcoming exterior.

You could also add a water feature to your garden. This element could be small, or it could be an impressive aquatic focal point. Having water in your garden encourages wildlife, plus the sound of water flowing can create a relaxing, zen-like space for you to unwind in.

Jobs for the weekend
If you have put the weekend aside for doing up your garden, why not try painting your woodwork in a modern colour? Various shades of grey are very trendy right now, and you could choose complimenting shades to match your fences with your garden furniture.

Another easy way to spruce up your garden is by giving the decking a good clean to remove the residue that has built up over the year. Pressure washing can get rid of the dirt; just be sure not to put the pressure up too high as you don’t want to damage the wood.

And relax…
Make sure you take time to appreciate your refreshed garden. Sit back, put the BBQ on and enjoy your new haven of peace.
the sound of water flowing can create a relaxing, zen-like space for you to unwind in.


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