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Safety Measures in Your Home


Many people spend nearly half of their lives preparing for settling into their version of perfect homes. This is only a valid and a logical thought process for any would-be homeowner. However, once you acquire that masterpiece of a home, there`s an extra step that begs to be taken. This is nothing other than creating a safe haven inside your paradise. In my opinion, I would advise that you put this as being the most valued content in your priority list. Thankfully, even with a vast array of hazards regarding safety surrounding our homes, these issues have ready-made solutions. In this piece, we dive into looking at some of the most important aspects of safety that you should take the time to implement.

1) Stabilize Staircases

First of all, we can all agree that children at some point need to be factored in when it comes to the setting of a perfect home. For this and many other reasons, I find it prudent to consider the state of staircases. They should have solid handrails and flooring that is well secured and fixated on the ground. With toddlers and slightly older children, it’s best if safety gates were added, not forgetting good enough lighting.

2) Safety Flooring In The Bathroom

I could bet that most of you understand the dangers that are posed by wet floors because of their slippery nature. It’s widely speculated that there are more incidences of slipping in the home setup as compared to the industrial setting. This goes without saying that accidents are hardly far off from such scenarios especially with poor legislature governance of home flooring. The best method of barring incidents of slipping in bathrooms is making use of non-slip flooring materials. Most of the variations that are implemented in bringing out the non-slip element include vinyl among others. They are able to withstand skidding and can be easily cleaned up making them more than ideal for bathroom use. Most flooring companies offer safety flooring as an option and it’s not as expensive as you may think! Definitely check out www.ibflooring.com if you’re based in the South East.

3) Install Fire Alarms

One of the most effective and nearly foolproof methods of detecting and controlling fires is the use of fire alarms. I could give free advice on the importance of these tools and I`m sure a good number of you will agree with the gravity of their significance. They mostly detect smoke from strategically set positions in various rooms in your home. Once a threat of the sort has been taken note of, they respond by triggering an alarm to warn anyone in the house of impending danger. They also trigger water sprinklers to try to curb the source of the fire with immediate effect.

With this in mind, it`s best for you to set up fire alarms at almost all levels that your home has. The batteries should get at least an annual change or twice a year if possible. When wired in sync with smart smoke detectors, their fire controlling abilities are augmented even further. With smart smoke detectors, they help the fire alarm to get updates in real-time mode. They further add to the safety package by providing remote monitoring. This application comes in handy especially while using a connected smartphone or tablet for better scrutiny and alerts.

4) Add Stove Knob Covers

The kitchen is the place where most fires arise from with gas stoves being the main culprits involved in these arson charges. These accidents mostly take place due to small children turning on burners and adults mistakenly hitting the burners on. By taking a step of adding knob covers for your stoves, they help in preventing haphazard accidents that could lead to wild unintended fires.

5) Installing Security Gates

I think it goes without saying that security gates are the epitome of security any home can ever own. This is because they are the first line of defense in almost every homestead. Even in homes located in gated communities with even the least talked about rates of crime, gates lie as the primary method of keeping the property safe.

In order to enhance the property`s security, a gate combined with high fences could do the trick. This mostly works well in warding off unwanted persons from weird visits during odd hours and takes your privacy to higher levels. In addition to the above-stated advantages, it would be an injustice not to mention the role they play in the safety of children and even pets They discourage people who might have intentions such as kidnapping of children from reaching your front door, and pets such as dogs are safely confined to the property. In the south east I would definitely recommend Prestige doors (https://www.prestigedoors.co.uk/) but otherwise there are plenty of great companies available.


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