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Signs You Need an Electrician

How to spot the tell-tale signs you need an electrician.

Electrical systems can be confusing to any homeowner. That means when there are faults, it can be dangerous (electrical issues cause over 12,000 fires a year in the UK, according to NICEIC). Here’s a helpful list of tell tale signs you need an electrician.

  • An unlabeled fuse box that has a wooden back is outdated. You should get it replaced as soon as possible.
  • If the fuse box has a black cable going into it, it may need replaced, as new boxes are insulated with PVC in grey or white.
  • A fuse box that has mixed fuses is also old and in need of replacement.
  • If you can see the inside of a socket or switch due to broken plastic.
  • If your sockets aren’t 3 pronged. Round prongs are old and will need to be changed sooner or later.
  • Limited numbers of sockets in a room.
  • Plugs which get very hot quickly.
  • Lights which regularly flicker or turn off inexplicably.
  • Round light switches which are old will need to be replaced.


How to prevent accidents and prolong the life of your Electrical System.

Your electrical system is obviously massively important to your home so to help make sure your systems stay safe and

  • Don’t fill up a socket with plugs. A two plug socket isn’t designed to support 6 objects drawing power.
  • Get your home fully checked by an accredited professional every ten years AT WORST.
  • If you are having some wiring replaced, replaced the entirety of the old wiring.
  • Make sure all of your switches and sockets are tight and stay in place.

Remember, the best idea is always to have an experienced electrician look at any suspected problems. They’ve been trained for that exact purpose.

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