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The Best Ways to Keep your Home Free from Pests

Pests, pests, pests; it can seem like they are everywhere, can’t it? If they stick to their natural habitat, they’re bearable, but what happens when they decide to rent your house for free? If you live in the city, this won’t be as much of a problem, but as soon as you move away into the wilderness, then the problems start. Unless you’re an entomologist, you’re probably going to want to stop them getting into your house and causing a problem. Luckily, it can be quite simple to prevent them, although some will persist right on in there, regardless. Essentially, this article can be summed up with: clean your house, but let’s go into it in a bit more detail.


Everyone likes food, am I right? This is also true for insects, spiders, rats, and other detestable things, so make sure you’re only eating in your kitchen (maybe a dining room if you’re posh), as this will limit the areas that these nasties will be attracted. Crumbs and spills will attract pests in their masses, so make sure that you sweep and vacuum your floors everyday (if you’re really paranoid about pests) and also attend to any spills as quickly as possible. If you leave them for a few hours or so, they will attract the undesirables.

Dishes and Drains

No one likes having to wash the dishes and so you’re in luck as you can leave them on the side for a couple of hours and the insects will do them for you … admittedly there will then be an infestation, but one problem at a time, yeah? The other problem with the sink area is the standing water because bugs will most of the time be looking for food and/or water in your home and a sink is a prime target, so always drain the sink and give it a little wash around.

Food Storage

This is a pretty obvious one that you will probably already have covered because you don’t want your food to go bad or stale, but another reason to make sure all of your food is properly stored away in sealed containers is to limit the attraction to the six-legged freaks.

Wood Storage

Insects love wood, as for many it’s one of their main habitats and so if you have a wood storage, make sure it is as far away from the house as possible, because if it’s nearby, it’s only a small trip for an insect to make it into your house.


Any plants near your house will need to be trimmed and well maintained for the same reason as to why you need to keep the wood away from your house. Spiders particularly love hiding in trees and bushes and will wander in when they get hungry or are looking for a mate.

Follow these easy steps and you will have a bug free house in no time – and it will stay that way. If you are still having problems, or really can’t be bothered to clean your house, then you can always buy plugin pest free devices, which will pretty much do as good a job as you will at keeping them at bay. Remember to clean and don’t get lazy and you’ll be fine.



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