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The Importance Of Damp Proofing Buildings

Damp problems are one of the most recurrent issues affecting buildings and protection of a building starts in its most basic construction. It’s easier to prevent rising damp than it is to treat it and this is where damp proofing comes in. They are moisture control treatments applied to the walls and floors of buildings to prevent damp problems.

When damp proofing isn’t administered adequately, there will be very little protection for the walls and floors of buildings against damp. This will inevitably lead to mould, dark and damp patches on walls, wallpaper stains, wet rot, peeling wallpaper, peeling paint, musty and damp smells, salt stains on outside walls, the decay of timber and plaster and crumbling mortar on outside walls. Any or all of these are likely to lead to expensive and extensive property restoration work by a building contractor.


Damp and Mould Health Risks

These symptoms are not only caused by inadequate damp proofing but also condensation, structural defects (such as faulty pipes) and poor ventilation too. And rising damp doesn’t just affect homes, but can affect your health too.

If there’s damp and mould present in your home, you are more likely to have an affected immune system, respiratory infections and problems such as asthma and allergic reactions.

Damp Proofing Types and Techniques

This can all be avoided with sufficient and effective damp proofing measures in place. There are various damp proofing types and techniques:
? Chemical Damp Proof Course: This damp proofing treatment involves a silicone based liquid being injected into a wall to create a water repelling layer.
? Pressure Grouting: This damp proofing treatment involves the use of concrete or grout in filling in gaps and spaces in a building’s structure. Holes are also drilled into certain areas of a building before concrete is injected into the spaces, thus making it damp proof.
? Integral Damp Proof Course: This method involves damp proof materials being mixed into the concrete and metal of buildings during the mining process.
? Membrane Damp Proof Course: Damp proof membranes are placed below concrete slabs to prevent moisture from reaching the slabs.
? Cavity Wall Damp Proof Course: This damp proofing technique entails applying a cavity wall in between the inner and outer walls so that there is a barrier preventing damp from reaching the warm interior walls from the cold exterior walls.
? Electro-Osmotic Damp Proof Course: Electric charges are applied into the wall so that water rising up walls are stopped in its tracks and sent back down to the ground.

Damp Proofing Costs

Professionally damp proofing your home does not come cheap, with damp proofing costs running from between a few hundred, into the thousands. However, there are damp proof products that you can purchase, such as damp proofing cream, damp proof paint, damp proof membranes, renovating plaster, silicone injections and water repellants. 

Damp proof DIY is quick, cheap and effective and reduces the cost of damp proofing, but it is not the same as damp proof courses installed by damp proofing specialists.

Still Affected by Damp?

If you already have your damp proof course in place but are still being affected by damp it could be penetrating damp. Structural problems that allow water to soak into the building are mainly to blame for this type of damp. A faulty roof, overflowing or damaged guttering, cracks in walls and chimney stacks, crumbling mortar or damaged brickwork are just a selection of causes that allow water to seap into a property.

Whilst it’s easier to prevent damp than it is to treat it, you can definitely treat the issues caused by penetrative damp. Look to a reputable roofing service or roofing contractor who can address all of these issues and also assist with moss removal and treatments, roof cleaning and protective coating for roofs.

If it is a damp proofing service rather than a roofing or building contractor service that you need to solve the damp problem in your property Cost2Build have got it covered. Contact them for an accurate quote that is yours to keep.


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