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The Steps of Renovation Every New Homeowner Should Follow

When you first move into a property, you most likely feel inspired about all the transformations you’re excited to start. After all, you want to get your hands on the design and make everything perfect and truly feel like home. The fact is, however, that committing to big renovations too soon could lead to costly mistakes. You haven’t spent enough time discovering how you live in the property yet, and as such, don’t have a realistic view of what your renovation needs. For instance, you might be determined to renovate the kitchen, when, after a few months, you realise it doesn’t need a layout change, just a new colour on the cabinets.

It’s for this reason why every new homeowner who wants to renovate their property should follow these steps first:

Before You Move In
There are only a few renovations and fixes you should make before you move in. If the building is old and, for example, only has single-pane windows and your move-in date is nearing winter, having new windows installed could be imperative. For the most part, the fixes you should make before you move in will be purely cosmetic. If the flooring is run-down, or if the paint is too eccentric or tired for your tastes, getting these fixed before there is any furniture to move around can be an excellent idea.

If you have big plans for your walls, take this time to prep them with a primer. This is useful particularly if the previous owner had a dark colour scheme and you prefer white.

After You Move In
One thing that can never be stressed enough is storage. Once you move in, take a month or so to see how your belongings fill the space. You might want to fix a rotating corner shelf into a kitchen cabinet, add a fitted wardrobe to your bedroom, include a tall storage solution in your bathroom, and so on. The more your storage fits seamlessly in with the design of your home, the better. If you have a family, consider that they too will be growing into this property, meaning more things will be brought in, and without adequate storage, these belongings can quickly overtake your living space.

Half A Year After You Move In
There are a lot of mistakes you can make when it comes to renovating. Big renovations should wait until at least four months after your move-in date. You need to be very aware of your space and what it needs to renovate for the betterment of your property. Use the time before this date to visualise what designs you want, to explore inspiration and to find concrete examples of what you want. Once you have this, you will want to visit Compare Companies to get quotes for the jobs you want from local professionals. By having your comprehensive visualisation, you will be able to convey what you want accurately and, as a
result, get what you truly want.

By staggering the fixes you make to your property, you will not only be able to budget better, but you will also be able to make the fixes your property needs. Take your time to make these fixes and you will have the perfect home in terms of style and function.

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