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The Welding Equipment You Need for a Home Improvement Project

If you’re planning to carry out a home improvement project that requires some welding, there are certain types of equipment you will need. Some of this equipment helps you get the job done properly, while other types of equipment are required to keep you safe and protected. Below are the main welding equipment items you will need for your next home improvement project.

Welder and Welding Rods

Obviously, the welder you use is vital. It should be a high quality model that is electrically safe and in good working order. If you’re a novice welder or don’t weld that often, it’s a good idea to get a professional dealer to check that your welder operates correctly and safely. They will also be able to advise you about the best welding rods or MIG wireto use for a particular type of project. A wide range of welders are available from local welding supplies stores or online through websites like fosterindustrial.co.uk. The welders available today range from portable petrol engine driven welder generators to MIG sets and lightweight stick welders.

Welding Helmet and Mask

The intense welding arc light and sparks produced by this type of work means your eyes, face and head areas are at risk. This is why a wide range of comfortable, sturdy welding helmets and masks have been developed to prevent burns and damage to your eye sight. The latest auto darkening helmets have a wide range of useful features including large high quality optical lenses that provide fast switching times from light to dark, comfortable ergonomic headgear andintegral grinding visors.

Heavy Duty Welding Gloves

Your facial area is not the only part of your body that is at risk, if it’s not protected. Your hands are just as much at risk and this is why you need to wear the appropriate gloves. Various types of tough, fire resistant welding gloves or gauntlets are available that prevent sparks emitted from your welder from damaging your hands. Make sure, the gloves are kevlar stitched for longevity.


It’s always better to be safe than sorry when you’re welding, so you should consider wearing other fire resistant clothing items too. The most effective clothing items include chrome leather jackets and sleeves, safety shoes and flame proof overalls.

Safety and First Aid Equipment

Safety is paramount, so you should take all the necessary precautions and invest in the most important items that make your welding projects safer. A fire extinguisher, fume extraction and a fully stocked first aid kit are just some of safety items every welder should possess.

Welding Screen

As well as making sure you are safe while you work, it’s also your responsibility to make sure other people are safe when you are welding. Investing in a high quality welding screen prevents unnecessary injuries or the possibility of others suffering from arc-eye, which you may not be aware of while you are concentrating on your work.

It’s very tempting to rush into your next home improvement project without preparing properly. This can be a big mistake, especially if welding is part of this project. Ensuring that you have all the equipment mentioned above will make your project run much smoother and be much safer for you and everyone around you.

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