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Things You Need To Consider When Doing A House Renovation

A house renovation always seems much more straightforward than it really is, but things go wrong and there are details that get forgotten about. This post has been written by Sarah from Dream of Home. She’s just undertaken her first house renovation and provides some
tips to help you get through it.

You’ve got to think about the little things

In our new bathroom, we didn’t add in a shaving/toothbrush charger socket. Luckily we have an adaptor so we can charge our toothbrushes in a standard socket. But this was something that we just didn’t think about. We also haven’t really left enough space for a toilet roll holder, which is a minor detail, but it’s the minor details that are often overlooked, yet are the most important!

Think about where your light switches are going to go and is it a good space? For example, if a light switch is too near a window, curtains might cover it up when they’re open, which could get annoying. Think about where you want your plug sockets to be. Do you want them hidden? Do you need them in a certain place, e.g. if you’re having a TV in the corner, it’s best to have a couple of double sockets for a DVD player, hi-fi system, and the TV. Though these are small details, they’re the ones you have to live with forever when the renovation is finished.

Do jobs yourself instead of always hiring people to do it for you

If there’s a job you can do yourself, that might only take a weekend to do, then do it. We were quoted £1200 to have a joiner build our balustrade for the staircase. This didn’t include the cost of materials as we had already bought everything. We did the staircase ourselves, and although it took about a week, it looks as good as if a professional joiner did it, and we saved all that money.

That was a big task to undertake, especially for someone who had no experience doing any sort of joinery, apart from attaching the odd skirting board. If you can paint a ceiling, or strip wallpaper, you’re saving money.

Don’t spend all your money on the renovation

If you’ve just renovated your house, the chances are you’ve changed some colour schemes and even your homestyle. This will mean some of your furniture may no longer match. Put some money aside for unexpected purchases such as having to buy a new sofa to match the new carpet. What about things like new lighting fixtures? You can’t just budget for the renovation; you need to include the cost of the interiors and furniture afterwards too.

Those are the top things you need to remember when you’re undergoing a house renovation. Oh, and always have a large supply of tea.

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